Little Black Maxi

As you guys know I love fashion and dresses! I came across this solid black maxi dress at Original Piece Boutique in Jacksonville, Florida. As soon as I saw it I fell in love! I love the neckline and the side slit! It’s perfect for date nights or for a night out with the girls!

I decided to try it on and it fits amazing! I love the accented top because I can do a simple necklace and a pair of my favorite heels or flats to dress this look up or down!
This maxi is a new favorite… let’s be honest can you ever have too many little black dresses? I took a selfie in the dress so you guys could see what it looks like on!
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xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

Maxi Moments

So this maxi dress had just arrived at Original Piece Boutique when I was coming in-store to shop for looks for our upcoming photoshoot I was planning for Original Piece Magazine.
As soon as I saw this maxi I knew I HAD to try it on!. It comes in two colors and I of course selfied in both of them!

I love the tribal design on this maxi and I love the mix of colors in both of them! I couldn’t decide on a color I love them both. I took a selfie in each color and I need your help on which color I should get! COMMENT below and let me know which color you love best on me.
I love the white because of the pop of neon colors, but the navy is awesome too with it’s darker color tones.
This is going to be my new favorite fashion look! COMMENT BELOW which COLOR! See more on my insta page: HeyitsCarlyRae
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyrae

Let’s Write A Fairytale

I have to say I’m in LOVE with this maxi dress! It makes you feel like a princess! The open-back I admit made me hesitant at first to try on, but the straps are adjustable, which gave me the perfect fit!

Let the Fairytale Begin Maxi

I love the color of the dress too. It’s the perfect mix of fall, winter, spring, and summer. I can even add a denim jacket to the maxi if I’m going out on a cool night.
The bottoms of the dress has a thick lining, but I love it because it gives this dress that Cinderella feel every girl loves!

What do YOU think of my ‘Fairytale Maxi?!”

Should I get my First Lilly?

So I couldn’t help but go into the Lilly section at Dillards… after all they are having their end of season sale so how can a girl refuse to at least TRY one of their amazing dresses on?!

Made with Repix (
Made with Repix (

I definitely couldn’t! And I know it’s hard to believe but I have yet to add a Lilly Pulitzer dress to my collection! I’ve been searching for the perfect one to get! I couldn’t help but try this amazing maxi dress on! The colors are perfect and scream LILLY if there ever was a Lilly dress with their name on it… I think it was this one!
I had my eye on another one, but of course the size I needed was gone! Luckily this maxi fit me perfectly!

I can think of 432,567 Ways…

I can think of 432,567 ways this is my NEW Favorite Maxi Look!

Dress: Original Piece Boutique Sunglasses: Ray-Bans
Dress: Original Piece Boutique
Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

I’m absolutely in love with this cutout maxi! As soon as I saw the color combination I knew I need it in my life! I couldn’t wait to wear it! The simply cutout adds a trendy touch that I’m in love with and the gorgeous lightweight material makes it perfect for summertime!
I wore my hat (which I got for only $1 at the Dollar Store) & my new ray-bans!
I wore it out today with my friends when we went out and so many people stopped me to ask where I got my outfit!
I just got it from Original Piece Boutique online & I’m so glad I did!
What do you think of this Maxi Look?!
Can you think of 432,567 ways to wear it? 😉

Magical Maxi

I’m absolutely in love with this maxi dress! It has that breathtaking boho feel I am a huge fan of! The back of the dress is so gorgeous too with the crochet detail and the off-shoulder design! I would wear this maxi to any sort of occasion I had planned!

Do YOU Want It?!
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You can add a simple jean jacket or cardigan for those cool nights too!! It would just add to the perfection of this look!

I added the flower headband in my hair to complete my boho look today! The pinks match perfectly! It made me feel very carefree and the material of the dress is so soft that I want to wear it every single day!

I got it from the Original Piece boutique in Orlando, Florida & I can’t wait to make another trip there to shop even more!

What do you think of this Magical Maxi?!