‘Life is one big fαи¢у dress ραяту!’

Okay so definitely not a conventional ‘Dear Diary’ title entry, but I absolutely love this quote.
You know how some days you feel like dressing up and you have no where to go? Well, that’s how I felt when I decided I needed this dress. I have absolutely no where to go, but I love it so much I had to have it.

Shop The look at: www.ShopOriginalPiece.com
Shop The look at: http://www.ShopOriginalPiece.com

Some days even though you have no where to go, it’s awesome how amazing you feel when do just get dressed up for yourself!
I now know I will have an occasion outfit if I end up having a place to go! 😉
So even if your having a bad day, make an exception on that one piece that might be to fancy for anything and just dress up! Hey, I did and I had so much fun!
Because it’s true… ‘Life is just one big fancy dress party!!!’

Falling into Fall

I decided to kickstart my fall wardrobe with this all new dress arrival! I love this mustard color shift dress and I love the tribal accent detail! I paired it with my black Target booties I got last year and I love how it tied the fall fashion into place.
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What I LOVE most about this dress is the color! I don’t have anything in my wardrobe this color and it gave my fashion a fun twist! I’m thinking about adding a solid kimono with it when those cool fall nights start to come.
What do you think of my new dress?! Are you loving it for fall?!

Outfit of The Day: Joining the Elephant Trend

I’ve seen the elephant trend everywhere lately, but I haven’t been able to find that perfect outfit to incorporate the trend… until now.
I found this kimono at Original Piece Boutique and had to get it! I love the tassel detail and the elephant print had the preppy feel I LOVE! I decided to wear it with this solid army green dress that I had in my closet and I love how it looked over it! The solid dress ran shorter but with the kimono it offset the look!
I’m working and doing errands today so I decided to wear my new converse sneakers with this look. It gave it a casual trendy twist that I LOVE!
I completed my look with this new GKey exclusively sold in Original Piece Boutique! I love the vintage color hues of this Gkey and I love how it gave this outfit just the right about of ‘pop’ of color it needed!
What do you think of this outfit of the day?! COMMENT BELOW!

Gone Boho Outfit of the Day

I’ve officially joined the Boho summer trend with this latest dress I picked when I went shopping at Original Piece Boutique! It’s the perfect lightweight sundress for summer and it’s straps are adjustable!
Plus, I’ve been looking for the perfect dress to go with my favorite gladiators from DSW! The dress was only $38 and the shoes were only $34! The best part about is I can wear this outfit for the rest of summer and into fall by adding a denim jacket to it or a kimono!
I simply can’t get enough of the Boho trend! I love how comfortable the outfits are for the Boho season!
Comment below and tell me: Is this outfit boho enough for you! 😉 

LOVE or LEAVE My Summertime outfit

It’s officially less than a week until summer ‘officially’ starts but I couldn’t help but jumpstart my outfit. I just got this oversized floral print dress and decided to pair it with a white blazer so I could wear it to work.
I have to say my favorite part of this dress has to be the bold blue color contrast! It goes perfect with sandals (which I wear to work) or I pair it with wedges for a night out. I love this dress because of how it fits and how it’s the perfect length to pair with a ‘boyfriend’ style blazer.
I got my sandals from DSW and they are so comfortable I love them! I love how they make my dress have a trendy edge! I didn’t do to many accessories with this look. I let the dress do the statement making!
SO comment below! LOVE or LEAVE my outfit of the day?!?!

My Secret Garden

I love summer days spent outdoors, especially outside in my garden. I based it around the ‘fairy’ theme with fairy accents and a pathway. I love flowers and I love spring and summer because I think you can never have too many flowers growing!
The tricky part is to keep them as fresh as you see them in photos!
but today I just spent the day strolling in the garden with my new sundress that is so comfortable I want to wear it everyday! It has pockets too, which I love and the mix of colors are perfect for springtime!
Sometimes it gets chilly at night so I added my simple pearl beaded cardigan to the look to give it a more conservative twist!
What do you think of this look?! LOVE or LEAVE it?!