Beauty and the GKey

So I got inspired and me and another artist came up with a GKey designed around Beauty and the Beast. I wanted a key that expressed that message behind the Beauty and the Beast and I wanted whoever wore the key to spread that message through their journey.
Beauty and the GKey is one of my favorite designs. It has a solid all gold glitter background and it’s accented with red roses. I think that gives it that fairytale feel I love. No only only does this GKey represent to look past what people look like, but I’m hoping when whoever wears this amazing GKey design that they hold the key to their journey and find what makes them the happiest.
What do you all think of this necklace design? Click image above to be the one to purchase this amazing key necklace!

Outfit of The Day: Joining the Elephant Trend

I’ve seen the elephant trend everywhere lately, but I haven’t been able to find that perfect outfit to incorporate the trend… until now.
I found this kimono at Original Piece Boutique and had to get it! I love the tassel detail and the elephant print had the preppy feel I LOVE! I decided to wear it with this solid army green dress that I had in my closet and I love how it looked over it! The solid dress ran shorter but with the kimono it offset the look!
I’m working and doing errands today so I decided to wear my new converse sneakers with this look. It gave it a casual trendy twist that I LOVE!
I completed my look with this new GKey exclusively sold in Original Piece Boutique! I love the vintage color hues of this Gkey and I love how it gave this outfit just the right about of ‘pop’ of color it needed!
What do you think of this outfit of the day?! COMMENT BELOW!

Dream Big. Sparkle More. GKey Necklace

Today I was so exited to wear this new GKey: Dream Big. Sparkle More. Shine Bright. Gkey necklace! I LOVE the gold sparkle accented with black. It gives it a fun twist that goes with my new outfits!
I also LOVE the sparkle! I always add a touch of sparkle to my looks and this Gkey adds a touch that is just enough to complete your outfit! The shape of the key is also one of my favorite designs!
Comment below what do you think of this GKEY?! Would you wear this one?!
Click on the image above to see more!

Perfect is Boring

Beating those ‘Tuesday Bluesday’s’ with my new faith bracelet part of the new Vintage Tassel Collection from GBeads! I absolutely love Gbeads. If you haven’t heard of Gbeads they are faith bracelets best-known from their instagram account. Each bracelet has wood beads from the Holy Land and each one has a cross charm.
They just launched their new Limited Edition Tassel Collection and I had to get one as soon as I saw them go LIVE! I just got the Copenhagen bracelet and the beads are my favorite for summer into tall trend! The tassel is a metallic color so you can see it always!
To start off Tuesday I encourage everyone to embrace being who YOU are! By wearing a Gbead you are reminded to ‘Be Yourself Everyday!’
What do you think of this Gbead?!
I’m embracing ‘Being you I am everyday!’ You should too!🙏🏼 If you love this bracelet check-out more at: 


Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever You Go GKey

Today I’m featuring one of my favorite sparkle GKey designs, Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go GKey. I love the sparkle design and the added bow. It adds a girly flare that pairs perfect with all your favorite summer sundresses.
I designed this key on a vintage style key and went with a silver and silver sparkle design. I wanted when you wear this design to leave your sparkle or your happiness wherever you go.
You never know what people are going through and your simple simple or compliment can change the way someone’s day goes, week goes, even their year. Your words have power and your show that through the sparkle you leave behind
Remember when you wear your Gkey that each one is different and designed for a specific person’s journey because ‘life is a journey and only you hold the key!’

What do you think of this GKey?! Comment below or shop this collection at:

World Emoji Day

It’s World Emoji Day and what better way to style today than by wearing this emoji necklace by Jane Basch Design?!
I absolutely love my new emoji necklace from Jane Basch! It’s lightweight and I love how short the chain is for summer time! It makes my ‘go-to’ layering necklace that I pair with my chain pendants and others I’m stacking that day.
The fun design also makes this my favorite. It adds a fun flare to my everyday looks that I LOVE!
They have a lot of emojis to pick from, even custom emojis (which I’m thinking of getting next) that you can personally design and get made!
I’m definitely a fan of Jane Basch and how perfect does it fit for World Emoji Day?!