Let the Children Come: The Life of George Müller

Let the Children Come: The Life of George Müller by Tom Fay Review George Müller didn’t grow up as a Christian, and he wasn’t on the right path. He faced misdemeanors and dishonesty. His mom died when he was little, and his father, who had little interest in him, gaveContinue Reading

Come Tomorrow

Come Tomorrow by Tess Thompson Review This novel centers around Luci Quick, who cannot forget a boy who saved her life on Christmas Eve when she was young. The thing is, he disappears before she has a chance to find out more about him. After Luci’s mother suddenly passes away,Continue Reading

The Aftermath of Unrest

The Aftermath of Unrest by Natalie Nascenzi is out now. The book is a one-of-a-kind poetry collection/novella that tells an extraordinary story of poetry, art, and fate. Through a combination of poems, paintings, and short stories, it takes readers on a journey through passing time, the battle of the mind,Continue Reading


Diversity by Monique Gliozzi Review is here. This book is a fantastic collection of short stories similar in length to a novella. The short stories are great because they are mixed with a touch of drama, thrills, and even humor. We get a humorous account of The Mask. A stubbornContinue Reading