Seeing the World at a Different Angle

So today I finally got a chance to be ‘behind the lens’ and see the world with a different perspective.

Dress: Original Piece Boots: Original Piece Destination: Florida
Dress: Original Piece
Boots: Original Piece
Destination: Florida

Usually I’m always in front the camera documenting my travels, but I have to tell you taking in the scenery behind-the-lens today was amazing!
I got to see things I wouldn’t usually see and got to take photos of the amazing nature outdoors today.
It’s been raining this past week and today the tide was high and the sun was shining. Do you ever try seeing the world at a different angle?
You might be surprised by what you see…

Summer Nails

I started summer off by doing this nail design! I got the new Essie nail polish and wanted to do a nail design that combined all the new neon colors!
I was searching through Pinterest and found a polka dot nail design & got inspired!
I have to say I’m very happy with the way the nail design turned out & I absolutely love the colors for summertime!

Doing the polkadots weren’t too difficult either! I used my dotting nail tool and dipped it into the nail polish. It only took me about fifteen minutes to do!

In case you didn’t know I love doing my own nail designs & always get Pinterest inspired! Always let me know what new designs there are so I can give them a try!

What do you think of my new nails for summertime?!

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Make Them Wonder…

Make Them Wonder Why You’re Smiling Outfit of the Day!
So I just got this new outfit & I think it’s the perfect summer fun outfit! I couldn’t help but laugh when I took this picture because of how gorgeous this outfit made me feel!

Dress: Original Piece Boutique Shoes: Jack Rogers Sandals Accessories: Beads from Original Piece & MK Watch
Dress: Original Piece Boutique
                           Shoes: Jack Rogers Sandals
 Accessories: Beads from Original Piece & MK Watch

The shift fit of the dress with the flare bottom is a perfect dress pick! I love that I got this dress! The bright blue color is my favorite color and the added paisley design adds a perfect touch that I love.
I paired it with the Jack Rogers I just got the other day that are now my new favorite sandals to wear with everything!

What do you think of this Outfit?!

Lazy Summer Lovin’

Lazy Summer Lovin’ Outfit of the Day has to be one of my favorite looks!

Dress: Original Piece Boutique Shoes: Jack Rogers  Watch: Michael Kors Arm Candy: Gbeads Sunglasses: Ray-Bans
Dress: Original Piece Boutique
                                         Shoes: Jack Rogers
                                        Watch: Michael Kors
                                        Arm Candy: Gbeads
                                       Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

I just got those Jack Roger sandals and they paired perfectly with the dress I got today from the Original Piece Boutique online!
The trendy Ray-Bans that I got last year before they became so popular ended up pairing perfectly with this look! I even added my favorite MK watch & GBeads I just can’t live without.
The color of the dress has to be my favorite for summer and the trendy paisley print is like nothing I’ve seen for summer! I can’t wait to put this whole outfit on tomorrow!

What do you think about my new look I just got?
Would you rock it?!

Life is Better When You’re Laughing

It’s summertime & I love the warm summer weather!
I just got this romper… yes it’s a romper (OMG)… with the trendy off-the-shoulder sleeves! The added lace on the bottom of the sleeves are my favorites!

Sunglasses- Ray-bans Romper- Original Piece Boutique Shoes- Jack Rogers
Sunglasses- Ray-bans
                   Romper- Original Piece Boutique
                               Shoes- Jack Rogers

I love the gorgeous bright colors too! It definitely makes you look tan for summer, which every girl knows is a huge plus.
I decided to rock it casual with the colored Ray-bans & Jack Roger sandals that I can’t seem to get enough of!
What do you think of this romper?!