Little Black Maxi

As you guys know I love fashion and dresses! I came across this solid black maxi dress at Original Piece Boutique in Jacksonville, Florida. As soon as I saw it I fell in love! I love the neckline and the side slit! It’s perfect for date nights or for a night out with the girls!

I decided to try it on and it fits amazing! I love the accented top because I can do a simple necklace and a pair of my favorite heels or flats to dress this look up or down!
This maxi is a new favorite… let’s be honest can you ever have too many little black dresses? I took a selfie in the dress so you guys could see what it looks like on!
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xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

Maxi Moments

So this maxi dress had just arrived at Original Piece Boutique when I was coming in-store to shop for looks for our upcoming photoshoot I was planning for Original Piece Magazine.
As soon as I saw this maxi I knew I HAD to try it on!. It comes in two colors and I of course selfied in both of them!

I love the tribal design on this maxi and I love the mix of colors in both of them! I couldn’t decide on a color I love them both. I took a selfie in each color and I need your help on which color I should get! COMMENT below and let me know which color you love best on me.
I love the white because of the pop of neon colors, but the navy is awesome too with it’s darker color tones.
This is going to be my new favorite fashion look! COMMENT BELOW which COLOR! See more on my insta page: HeyitsCarlyRae
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyrae

I’m a Sweet Peach Girl

So as most of you guys know I love makeup. I’ve read so many reviews on the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and have wanted it for so long! Every time I go to purchase it it’s sold out in-store. But the other day when I walked into Ulta I was in luck because they just got in their shipment of it and were fully stocked! I grabbed one and couldn’t wait to go home and try it.
Overall I absolutely LOVE this product. At first I thought it might hurt my eyes because it is scents and definitely smells like peaches which I love. It sounds weird but it smells amazing even when you wear the product! But the good news is the product doesn’t bother me. I can wear it all day and it’s awesome, it doesn’t come off when you wear it or anything.
Today I’m wearing a mix of White Peach, Cobbler, and Caramelized. I mixed the Cobbler and Caramelized colors together to achieve a mix of hues. I applied that on the top of my lid and then to accent underneath my eyebrows I use the Nectar and White Peach.
The colors are so easy to apply and is my new ‘go-to’ palette. I’m replacing my Naked Palette with this one for now! Underneath my eye I used Tempting to give an accent color.
What colors are your favorite in this palette?! I can’t wait to try a new peach smokey look next time I use it tomorrow. Above I posted a close-up of the palette so if you don’t have yet or aren’t familiar you can see what a close-up look of the palette actually looks like.
I love the fact that it has a mix of colors so the hues can look good on any skin tone which I think is a huge key! COMMENT BELOW if you love the SWEET Peach Palette!
xoxo- HeyitsCarlyRae

Live Life in Full Color

Monday: The Beginning of one beautiful week. It’s time to live your week in full color starting now. I absolutely love this photo from Ralphi from Ralphi Reign’s photography. The mix of bold color hues makes this photo ‘pop’ and reminds us to express your life in color.
Capture your own originality and express this week in color through your fashion choice. I love this dress from Original Piece and I love the tassel additions. It gives this dress a trendy twist I love. Plus, I’m a huge fan of the new off-the-shoulder trend and this dress had all of that. You can pair this dress with sandals or wedges and dress it up for a fun date night or for a fun girls’ night in.
What do you THINK of this photo?! Live this week in color!

Dear Diary… Laugh Without Fear

It’s Sunday so a powerful message I came across today that I wanted to share with everyone was the verse: ‘She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.’ -Proverbs 31:25.
This verse today I thought today was just the inspiring message I needed to read. Some days (more like almost everyday for me) there is always something that comes up that puts doubt in you about your future. Whether it’s with your family, business, or a simple day-to-day task. We all have those moments in the day of laughter that bring joy and at the same time can bring a wave of fear… will I ever be this happy  again….
What I love most about this verse is you need to laugh and every every moment no matter what. Don’t worry about the future because it is in the hands of someone much greater than us. So today’s inspiring message is dedicated to this verse.
Does this verse inspire you today for Sunday or what verse inspired you today?!

The Bachelorette Season Review

If you’ve seen anything on primetime television it has to be this season of the Bachelorette. I can remember when the Bachelor first aired how less-drama filled it used to be. Now it’s like watching a soap opera with what feels like planned drama every single week.
You tune in because you want to see what happens and if you can decide if it’s acting or really happening. I’m a romantic at heart and I love watching those romantic moments, but at times I feel like I’m watching a scripted drama show on the CW. Some moments you know wouldn’t possibly happen if the camera weren’t rolling. And I admit this season I’ve never heard so many ‘I love you’s’ after only meeting each other for a day than I did this year.
In all though, who had doubts she would pick Jordan?! Since the very first episode you could feel that chemistry and the camera’s rolling and knew in the back of your mind he would be the winner. And long behold we were right.
In the end it’s JoJo and Jordan and now we can all wait for a prime-time television show of their wedding planning and wedding vows. It’s going to be a drama-filled wedding event and something I’m sure we all tune in to see it!

What did you think of this year’s The Bachelorette?! After last season with JoJo’s ending on The Bachelor did she finally find her Prince Charming?!