Breaking Legs Trailer

The latest movie I have watched that I’m reviewing is called Breaking Legs. This movie is for the tween to teen audience and is a dance centered movie.

The movie itself focuses on Bloom played by Liv Southard, and her moving to a new town and living with her Uncle and Grandma. She auditions for her school dance team, and even though she is the best she isn’t allowed on the team because of the captain, Harmony played by Alexa Sutherland. Harmony is jealous of the newfound Liv, who exceeds in dance and catches the attention the guy Harmony has a crush on played by William Leon.
The movie has a lot of subplots to cover throughout, but overall the message of the movie is to never give up, no matter what. The movie was enjoyable to watch and targets the tween audience really well. If you are a fan of dance movies, add this to your list to watch! The choreography and dancing in the movie did not disappoint, which for me is always a huge plus!
The official trailer is above! CLICK to WATCH. Comment what you think of the trailer!
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

Rogue One

Star War fans are you ready for yet another Star Wars movie. Granted this movie doesn’t have the original cast and definitely doesn’t pick up where the previous one left off. But how can you not love a Star Wars movie. Let’s hope this movie lives up to the high expectations of the franchise!

Above is the official trailer, so if you haven’t watched it and only read about it, watch it and tell me if you’re excited about.
The cast looks amazing in this one so I for one can’t wait to watch the midnight premiere tonight!
Are you a Star Wars fan?!

Gilmore Girls

So I remember exactly where I was and exactly what I was doing the night Gilmore Girls first premiered years ago. It was one of those shows that became a ritual to watch with my sisters and mom. It’s one of those shows that you fall in love with as soon as you watch it.
I was heartbroken when it was released they weren’t renewing it because of a main character not wanting to continue. But after watching reruns and reruns and yes falling in love with Dean and wishing Rory would secretly always end up with him… even though I ended up loving Logan too!

I was so excited when I saw they would FINALLY be returning even for only 8 episodes because I never did feel like the episodes were over when it ended. The series finale was the most uneventful ending of series ever!!
BUT now that it’s returning to netflix I can’t wait to see it finally have all the loose ends tied up! Can I just say Lorelei better end with LUKE!

Tell me what you want to see happen! How excited are you for the return?!

Coming to Netflix

So I was going my Facebook feed the other night and I came across an article listing all the new movies coming to Netflix in the next few weeks.
I decided to click it and go through all the new movies being added and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! Movies from fast the furious to NCIS to Once Upon a Time even to new movies never-been-released such as Honey 3. Yes, you heard that right!
I’m sure we all remember Honey featuring Jessica Alba. I think I saw that at least fifty times, not even counting when I come across it being on television! But yes they made yet another one that is being released on Netflix and DVD September 6th! But being apart of Netflix you don’t have to pay twice to see even new movies being released which I have to say I’m loving!
But at the same time I do love DVD’s and love my collection so at the same time I don’t want DVD’s to stop coming out!

So above is the official trailer for Honey 3, let me know what you think?! Do you think it will be as good as the first or just another sequel that isn’t as good as the first?!

The Bachelorette Season Review

If you’ve seen anything on primetime television it has to be this season of the Bachelorette. I can remember when the Bachelor first aired how less-drama filled it used to be. Now it’s like watching a soap opera with what feels like planned drama every single week.
You tune in because you want to see what happens and if you can decide if it’s acting or really happening. I’m a romantic at heart and I love watching those romantic moments, but at times I feel like I’m watching a scripted drama show on the CW. Some moments you know wouldn’t possibly happen if the camera weren’t rolling. And I admit this season I’ve never heard so many ‘I love you’s’ after only meeting each other for a day than I did this year.
In all though, who had doubts she would pick Jordan?! Since the very first episode you could feel that chemistry and the camera’s rolling and knew in the back of your mind he would be the winner. And long behold we were right.
In the end it’s JoJo and Jordan and now we can all wait for a prime-time television show of their wedding planning and wedding vows. It’s going to be a drama-filled wedding event and something I’m sure we all tune in to see it!

What did you think of this year’s The Bachelorette?! After last season with JoJo’s ending on The Bachelor did she finally find her Prince Charming?!

Center Stage: On Pointe

I admit I have a weakness when it comes to dance movies. I love all dance movies and every time¬†there is a new dance movie released, I’m the first in line to buy it!
I was so excited to hear about Center Stage returning for movie number 3! I have the first two on DVD and was even more excited when I saw the return of the characters from the first two.

The dance numbers didn’t disappointed either in this movie! The modern ballet was a nice twist and complimented tie-ins with the first two movies. Kenny Wormald did an amazing job on his performance and I was surprised by how amazing his solo number looked that he put together. It was definitely a nontraditional twist in the franchise of Center Stage, but I like the twist they added. Plus, we had the return of Cooper, Jonathan, and more!
Doing something different in each movie proves that adding another movie in their franchise isn’t out of the question. Its refreshing seeing movie that is on television with good story line! So props to lifetime for stepping that up!
I ‘m a huge Center Stage fan and definitely recommend this movie. I know it came on Lifetime and I’m hoping it comes out on DVD soon!
Have you seen this installment in the Center Stage franchise? Comment below what you think!