So I got inspired and me and another artist came up with a GKey designed around Beauty and the Beast. I wanted a key that expressed that message behind the Beauty and the Beast and I wanted whoever wore the key to spread that message through their journey. Beauty andContinue Reading

Dear Diary… As I was thinking about to share with all of you as I drove over the giant bridge I always drive over to work, it suddenly dawned on me. You know when you first start a business (for example my GKeys) or you have an idea and yourContinue Reading

Today I was so exited to wear this new GKey: Dream Big. Sparkle More. Shine Bright. Gkey necklace! I LOVE the gold sparkle accented with black. It gives it a fun twist that goes with my new outfits! I also LOVE the sparkle! I always add a touch of sparkleContinue Reading

Today I’m featuring one of my favorite sparkle GKey designs, Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go GKey. I love the sparkle design and the added bow. It adds a girly flare that pairs perfect with all your favorite summer sundresses. I designed this key on a vintage style key andContinue Reading

It’s Sunday so today I decided to feature Stay Strong GKey. I designed this GKey after that Orlando Shooting and named it, Stay Strong GKey because it required so much strength for all those people who lost their lives and the survivors. By wearing this Limited Edition Stay Strong GKeyContinue Reading