YES! FINALLY! Full House is now on Netflix or ‘Fuller House’ I decided to binge watch the episodes and see if it’s like Full House was. I was a HUGE Full House fan and still watch the reruns on Nickelodeon every night. It’s just one of those ‘feel good’ TVContinue Reading

I just got back for the Holiday season and I absolutely couldn’t have moved all my staff without my new Scout bag! I absolutely LOVE IT! It holds so much stuff (way more than I ever thought) and it’s sturdy which I love…and the fact that it’s Christmas plaid… what’s betterContinue Reading

So if you haven’t heard of SkinnyMint and are looking for the perfect teatox you definitely need to try SkinnyMint! It’s perfect especially now during the Holidays sometimes I just need to sit and chill before bed and the SkinnyMint teatox is perfect for me… I have the daytime andContinue Reading

Yes, I joined the ever-growing trend! I finally got a monogram necklace! I wore it yesterday with one of my favorite floral skater dresses & I got so many compliments on my necklace I had to share it with you all! I got it from Jane Basch and it’s one ofContinue Reading

It’s one of the perfect days where there is nothing but blue skies for miles and it’s not too hot but not too cold! There is a light breeze but not too much. I decided to put on this amazing dress from Hutch design and I simply couldn’t forget toContinue Reading