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Accepted into HarvardHarvard University

My Harvard Journey

I got accepted into Harvard! It’s a new chapter and one I have been pursuing since this past summer. After joining the bookstagram community a few years ago, I really found what I love—reading.

The Facility on AmazonThe Facility

The Facility by M.S. Tummolo

The Facility by M.S. Tummolo is today’s feature read. I’m excited to share more about this book with all my readers. First, this book is a sci-fi adventure read set in the future. It’s unlike any other books I’ve read recently and one that I found myself thinking about even after I put it down for the day. Now, I don’t want to give any spoilers away, so I won’t be giving any specific details (you’ll have to get your copy to find out more), BUT I will provide you with an overview!