E.L.F. Beautyscape Destination: Austin

It’s Beautyscape time with E.L.F. Cosmetics! I’ve never entered an E.L.F. Beautyscape before but I am so excited to now!
I received the email a few weeks ago but I’ve been busy planning the perfect photoshoot to show off my look posts that are required to enter.
Since I am part of the exclusive E.L.F. Beauty Squad, I receive sneak peek looks at all their new products for the month. A few weeks ago (photo is below of my box) I got their new Blush Palette in Light, the Baked Highlighters in Moonlight Pearls, HD underage Setting Powder in Sheer, the new conturing brush, and the Ultimate Blending Brush. Have you used any of these products?
The second box I received is fit for spring. It has the amazing new Runway Read Lip Palette, Lip Definer & Shaper in Natural and Nude, Day to Night Lipstick Duo in I Love Pinks, Lip Exfoliator in Rose, Moisturizing Lipstick in Velvet Rope and Orange Dream. I absolutely LOVE these products! Be sure to keep checking my instagram for amazing tips on how to apply these fun lip kits! Which product have you tried?
If you guys don’t follow me on instagram be sure to follow me at @HeyitsCarlyRae and comment on all my latest E.L.F. beautyscape photos. Help me win a spot to Austin, Texas. I would love to bring you all along on my Snapchat: HeyitsCarlyRae.
I would love to show you guys all of their latest products! 🙂 Do you have a favorite E.L.F. product you love?!

Stay on the Sunny Side of Life

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Some days you have to spent in the sunshine just enjoying the day! I have to say when there was a sunny day I couldn’t wait to wear my new palazzo outfit and spend the day in the sunshine! These palazzo pants are so fun for summer/fall outfit of the day!
I love the navy hue mixed in with a hot pink color, teal, and white! The stripes going down I absolutely love and it paired perfectly with my new white chiffon top.
I have to say palazzo pants are a top favorite in my wardrobe because I’m short and you can cut the bottoms as you know. I love how lightweight the pants are and how I can wear them yearend when I travel! They don’t wrinkle so when I do fly I have the perfect outfit that will look perfect even after a long 5 hour flight!
So tell me what you think of this outfit by commenting below!

Life is Better with Polka Dots GKey

Life is Better with Polka Dots GKey has that fun summer twist I love! I designed it because let’s face it, polka dots go with everything! The mix of summer color hues pairs perfect with all of summer fun arrivals!
g key 5
I designed this unique GKey because of how this GKey instantly brightens your day! I had to add a touch of sparkle by designing in some glitter polka dots.
There is not one GKey alike because no one’s journey is the same, so why should a GKey design be the same?
Remember when you wear your GKey necklace, ‘life is a journey and you hold the key.’ Each Gkey sold spread that message!
What do you think of today’s GKey? Click the image above to see more! Comment below what you think of today’s Gkey!

Today I….

Today is the official first day I got everything together for my GKey necklaces! I’ve been working hard on finalizing all the designs of the Gkeys, because I make sure each one is designed with love for you and not one Gkey is alike EVER made!
I love seeing everyone wearing a GKey because of the message I created behind them. When you wear yours or see yours I want you to remember that ‘life is a journey and only you hold the key.’
I got to work on the finalization of everything today outdoors in the sunshine with my amazing Tech Candy case that holds my iPhone and all my Gkey accessories. I got to lay everything out on it and it kept it all in place! It LOVE it! Especially when I’m working outside it keeps all my accessories in place when I’m ‘on the go!’
Be sure to check-out all the Gkeys LIVE on the site! Let me know which one is your favorite!

Take the Road Less Traveled…

So today I took a long stroll outside and headed home when it reached sunset. It gave me time to clear my head and just enjoy finally a nice sunny day. I could hear the birds chirp and sound of my own thoughts.
As I walked back, my shoes in my hand, because let’s admit high heels aren’t always the most comfortable thing to wear, especially on a walk… 😉
I started to think that you don’t always have to follow the path that ‘you’ think is right. Sometimes you have to take the road less traveled because admit it, it can be right for you. That’s what I realized today as I walked back.
What are your thoughts? Agree? Take the Road Less Traveled?

My Healthy Snack Suggestions

Okay so bikini season is literally right around the corner. It seems like each day I wake up it’s creeping up closer and closer.
That means it’s frenzy time to pick out the best bikinis for those beach vacations, and to jumpstart that bikini ready body!
Over the past few weeks I have been trying to determine what foods would jumpstart my metabolism and be a healthier choice. I know the celebrity diets are either way to extreme or really aren’t true because I’ve never found them to work.
I definitely always eat breakfast. I go for fruit or cereal sometimes even yogurt in the morning. I always eat a lighter lunch, usually a ‘continental’ style is what my friends call it. Then I always eat a larger dinner. I snack throughout the day on fruit and definitely always POPCORN! That’s definitely a weakness and I can tell you at the grocery store now they have to many different popcorn selections!
For dinner I always eat something from every food group and never forget dessert! Usually it’s chocolate chip cookies and milk!
So to get bikini ready I suggest to definitely not stress! Don’t worry about losing weight or anything and definitely don’t starve yourself!
Moderate what you eat and eat a healthy diet! That’s what I’m doing to get in bikini ready season!
WHAT ARE YOU FOOD SUGGESTIONS?! What’s WORKED FOR YOU?! Some of mine are below!
1. Scrambled Eggs
2. Fruit(Apples, Bananas, Oranges, pineapple, etc).
3. Granola
4. Yogurt