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About Me

HEY it’s Carly-Rae! I am so excited to have you visit my blog. Honestly, I never thought combining my THREE favorite words: beach, books, and bikinis would lead me to writing these very words you are reading on a blog that has grown beyond my imagination.

About Me
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I did not join the world of social media when it first came about. I waited about two years before creating an account. To this day, I can still remember the day I joined social media. I would always take selfies of my outfit of the day (yes, I do love a good selfie and will never deny that!). While shopping, wearing a hot pink maxi, I decided to create an account and post those selfies. I asked my audience that consisted of just my family YAY or NAY. After the first few posts, my photos went from having single-digit ‘likes’ to three-digit ‘likes.’ Before my eyes, my audience grew from just my family to currently the tens of thousands who follow me from all around the world.

I love sharing my fashion picks and giving my honest opinions about the fit and fabric. Here you will only find my honest thoughts. I also love a good bikini because, let’s face it…can you ever have too many bikinis in your life? No.

The beach is where I belong. Yes, that is a cliché, but I have always lived by the ocean breeze. There is something to be said about spending time with sand between your toes and salt air whisking through your hair. It is why I am passionate about keeping marine life safe and keep beaches clean. We need to take care of the planet that takes care of us.

Last and certainly NOT least is BOOKS! Many of you might know me as a BookTuber and Bookstagrammer. I have been so fortunate to chat with bestselling authors, and I am so honored to get the chance to do that because I truly do love it. You can catch my Book Hour airing live on my Facebook Page Wednesdays at 1 o’clock eastern. No worries if you miss it. I always repost. Chatting with authors, diving into their world of writing, and getting whisked away to faraway lands in books is where my heart is locked away.

Perhaps that is why I am currently writing a YA Fantasy book as I type these words. You can find more on my writing journey on my YouTube Channel as I share the reality of writing. I have never published a book before and am taking you on my whirlwind ride of finding an agent.

Now, if you are a brand, author, publisher, or have any product you would like to send in, visit my Contact Page to get in touch on how my features work.

I am BEYOND thankful to have you visiting my blog! xoxo

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