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Hey Readers…I first want to say thank you for checking out my book review blog. I love reading and being an influencer for Random House, Berkley Publishing, Celadon Books, and so many more publishers.

Many of my followers always ask why book reviews? Well, first, I LOVE reading. Seriously, give me a 400+ page book and I’ll have it read in one day! I have an obsession. I can’t help it. When I pick up a book, I can be transported to a faraway land, an alternative reality, or right in the middle of family drama. Words have the power to change your life, and books can change your world.

Reviewing books first came as a hobby on my Instagram page. But the more books I started reviewing the more popular my page got. I don’t sugarcoat my reviews, and I give you an honest opinion. I tell you what I love and what I don’t. I’m glad you all appreciate it because I’m so thankful for all of you.

I first got the idea to start offering book review packages because I’m a writer myself. I write YA fantasy novels. Yes, fantasy is my first love when it comes to books, blame Stephanie Meyers for allowing me to be transported into a fantasy vampire fairytale. That’s really when my obsession with taking a reader to another world and believing it can be true began. HOWEVER, I’ve since fell in love with thrillers, romance, historical, and every other genre out there!

What makes my blog different, though, is I use my platform to help not just readers find their next novel, but authors grow their following. My packages give authors a chance to share their books. Whether it’s my Pinterest page that has over 1.1 million views and 5 million impressions OR my Instagram, where I have over 93K followers. I’m here to share with the world your words. I love it too. What’s better than reading a novel and experiencing a world from another’s eyes.

If you have a novel you want me to review, don’t hesitate to contact me. OR if you have a favorite book that isn’t on here, contact me! I always respond back personally. So just because it may take a week or so due to the high volume of inquiries, don’t get worried, you’ll hear back!

Whether you love a sappy romance, a crime-solving novel, a retelling fairytale, or fantasy, you’ll find my opinion of the book here! So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to my book reviews and tell me which one is your favorite! You can also check-out all the brands I’ve worked with on my Instagram!

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