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With Love From London by Sarah Jio reivew is here. This was such a beautiful story. While reading, I found myself having so many emotions, from excitement and anger to happiness and sadness. This book had all of the feels and was beautifully written.

Influencer Chandler shares her review of With Love from London!

What is it about?

This story was told from two perspectives, mother and daughter, in two different timeframes. Eloise lived in London and had been seeing a nice gentleman named Frank. He cared for her, but when she meets Edward one evening, she is swept off her feet. During her second visit with Edward, he had to leave abruptly, and she left a letter for him that, unfortunately, he never received. The next time their paths cross, she is pregnant with Frank’s baby and in the process of moving to California to start a family with him.

After a miscarriage and some extremely challenging years with Frank, she has a daughter named Valentina. Unfortunately, Eloise has been lost and homesick for a long time. Valentina is the only thing that keeps her heart from breaking. So when she disappears from Valentina’s life when she is twelve years old and never returns, Valentina is left wondering why. 

Valentina’s story picks up as she is heading to London many years later when she is thirty-five. Her husband has decided to leave her after twelve years together, the same day she finds out her mother has passed away. Even though Valentina has not seen her since she was twelve, her mother left her a bookstore that she owned. When she arrives in the small community of Primrose in London, she is unsure if she will be able to keep the bookstore afloat with the inheritance tax that she will have to pay or if she even wants to keep the bookstore open. 

Eloise has left Valentina a series of letters as a scavenger hunt, and it helps Valentina acclimate to Primrose and become part of a beautiful community. So even after all the years apart, it’s like they are finding each other. 

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My review:

I adored this novel. While at first, I felt anger for Eloise for leaving her daughter, I then felt heartache over the truth behind it. This book reminded me that happiness is so important, and life is so short. There is always an opportunity to follow your dreams. You definitely need to read this beautiful story. There are even more characters to fall in love with and so much more in this book to discover. With Love from London was my first book by Sarah Jio, and I look forward to reading many more! 

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