Why Maggie Moves On is my New Favorite Romcom

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Why Maggie Moves On is my New Favorite Romcom!

The perfect mix of quirky and swoony, this new release by Lucy Score is FIVE STARS from me!

Maggie Moves on
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A self-made YouTube star, Maggie travels around and fixes up old homes for her channel. She buys a historic Victorian mansion in small-town Idaho. The large project requires the help of one very swoony landscaper and many other wonderful townsfolk. Not only does the old house hold many secrets, but it also forces Maggie to examine some of her own. She must face the trauma of her past in order to find happiness for her future.

Silas has his sights set on Maggie after meeting her during his interview for the landscape project. Despite her reluctance to fall for his charm, he won’t take no for an answer. Silas is determined to make Maggie fall for him and love his small town. With the help of his giant, goofy pit bull named Kevin, he just may win her over.

Lucy Score Maggie Moves On
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Aside from the sweet and spicy love story, this is also a story about fitting in and finding a family.

I really appreciated the diversity in this book. The secondary characters in this book are diverse and dynamic. I also must add that I adored the portrayal of Kevin the pit bull! As a pit bull mom myself, it hurts me to see them negatively portrayed in the media. I loved seeing the silly dog charming everyone he met throughout the book. His face on the cover sealed the deal for me and made this my favorite rom-com of 2022!

If you love swoon-worthy love stories, charming small towns, and even the quirkiness of a Wild West treasure hunt, then this book is for you! It will have you laughing out loud, and Silas is sure to become your newest book boyfriend!

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