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When in Rome by Sarah Adams Book Review

I read and saw so much about author Sarah Adams on Bookstagram, that I finally decided to pick up a copy of her book, The Cheat Sheet, a few months back. I fell hard – both for Sarah’s writing and her characters. So it’s no surprise that I immediately procured her back catalog and then added her newest title, When in Rome, to my TBR.

And then, joy of joys, Random House Publishing reached out and offered me an ARC. I tried to play it cool, but I lowkey squealed and replied with an enthusiastic “yes!”

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What’s it about?

When in Rome is a glimpse into the life of pop star phenomenon Rae Rose. Rae is an A-list celebrity with platinum albums, sold out tours, and a bodyguard to protect her from the rabid paparazzi. For the sake of publicity, Rae has been thrust into bad celebrity relationships over and over again. Worst of all, her mom, who used to be her best friend, now only talks to her when she wants money or needs to lean on her celebrity status.

Rae is lonely, burned out and desperate, but she feels like no one sees her suffering. Why would she complain, though? She has everything, right?

But Rae, whose real name is Amelia, isn’t happy. Amelia is a huge Audrey Hepburn fan, and one desperate night, she picks up her copy of Hepburn’s movie, Roman Holiday. The movie inspires her to escape to Rome… or at least a Rome she can drive to in her old beat up car. Amelia leaves Nashville, bound for Rome, Kentucky. And, because fate has a sick sense of humor, her car dies in the middle of nowhere.

When a man approaches her car to help her, she panics thinking he’s going to assault her; or worse, that he’s a super fan. But grumpy Noah Walker can’t leave her sitting there, stranded in his front yard. So he gets his friend, meddling old Miss Mabel, on the phone as his character witness. Stranded with no cell service and zero options, Amelia finally agrees to exit the car and stay at Noah’s house for the night (with the door locked, of course).

She expects the overnight stay to be a temporary fix, but landing in Rome, Kentucky, may just be the vacation of her dreams. Between the meddling old gossips, Noah’s sisters, the local beauty shop and pie shop owner Noah (all of whom treat her like a normal person), Amelia starts to find a peace she has forgotten about.

book cover when in rome

When in Rome

Genre: Fiction/Romance

When in Rome tells the story of

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Jessica R with When in Rome by Sarah Adams
Contributor Jessica R. with her copy of When in Rome!

I don’t think I could adore a romance book more. When in Rome made me smile the entire time I was reading it. Every page held silliness, epic banter, meddling Southerners, and pie!

I love grumpy, handsome Noah with his brooding personality and broken heart. Like any good romance hero, beneath his grumpy exterior lies a man who would do anything for anyone. And despite being a pop superstar, Amelia is still utterly relatable. Her sense of feeling lost and looking for something real are emotions most readers can relate to.

As a native southerner, the’ Southernisms” in this book were nostalgic and made me laugh out loud. “Bless it” is something my sisters and I say all the time, and to see it wielded so flawlessly in When in Rome made my heart ache with joy.

And can someone please tell me how Sarah Adams manages to write a clean romance with so much heat, pining, and angst? The sexual tension in this book is through the roof and the slow burn is top notch.

Needless to say, I loved this book. It’s stolen my heart and has moved its way to the very top of my favorite reads of 2022.

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