The Lion’s Den by Katherine St. John Book Review

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The Lion’s Den by Katherine St. John Book Review

The Lion's Den by Katherine St. John
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The Lions Den by Katherine St. John Book Review is here! So, pack your bags and get ready to set sail on one wild, wicked ride aboard The Lion’s Den! This is the perfect addictive summer thriller. As we jet-set to the Riviera, prepare to be completely immersed in the lavish setting and glamorous lifestyles of the rich and famous. But as the champagne flows, the mean girl drama begins to heat up, and suddenly we’re reading a gripping thriller full of dubious business dealings, sex, lies, jealousy, murder, and twists I didn’t see coming! 


Our ill-fated getaway begins with an aspiring actress and down-on-her-luck Isabelle (Belle) Carter. She accepts an invite from her childhood friend, Summer, on an all-expenses-paid trip to the Riviera aboard her new billionaire boyfriend John’s private yacht. From the beginning, Belle has some serious reservations about this trip. Summer hasn’t exactly been a great friend to Belle. They have been steadily growing apart as Belle struggles with pursuing her acting dreams, while Summer is more focused on charming her way into the beds of wealthy men.

Still, the offer seems too good to pass up. After all, she deserves this for being such a good friend to Summer over the years. But shortly after they arrive in paradise, Belle is forced to surrender her passport to two of John’s goons and is told that she and her entourage of social climbers are only there to be seen and not heard. In the middle of the Mediterranean, Belle learns a little too late that The Lion’s Den is nothing more than a floating prison run by the mysterious and controlling John. As Summer begins to reveal a jealous, sinister side of herself, Belle must put her acting skills to the test to outsmart her old friend if she is going to make it off the boat alive. 


The Lion's Den review
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Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book had everything I could ever want in a light, escapist, mean girl thriller! The story is told from the perspective of Belle. The timeline alternates between the past and present on the yacht, so we get a lot of backstory on Belle’s friendship with Summer. It adds great depth to these characters. It also created a lot of suspense. I really enjoyed Belle as a character. She makes a lot of mistakes and puts up with horrible treatment from Summer. But she was empathetic and so relatable, and I sometimes found myself holding my breath for her!

Summer is a fabulous villain and one you will absolutely love to hate! There is an excellent cast of supporting characters. If you enjoy upstairs/downstairs stories, you will get a taste of that here too. I didn’t see the big twist coming, and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough after that! The ending is so satisfying, with everything being wrapped up nicely with no loose ends. 

This deliciously decadent read gets five stars from me! If you are looking for your next summer thriller, I will encourage you to pick this one up. When this dream vacation becomes a nightmare at sea, prepare to be completely hooked until the last page! 

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