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The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez is the second book in The Friend Zone series. While The Friend Zone is about Kristen, The Happy Ever After Playlist is about her best friend, Sloan. Spoiler: At the end of The Friend Zone, we find out that Brandon, Sloan’s fiance, has died in a motorcycle accident. The Happy Ever After Playlist takes place two years later and is about Sloan and her journey. 


Even though it has been two years since Sloan lost her fiance, Sloan still struggles to get through her days. When a dog named Tucker jumps through her sunroof one morning, she takes him home. Taking care of the dog and trying to find its owner forces her into a new routine that includes getting up early and finding joy. She gives up on contacting Tucker’s owner, so she is surprised when Jason, his owner, calls her two weeks later. He has been out of the country and will not be returning to the United States for another two weeks. Sloan agrees to keep caring for Tucker, and she and Jason talk on the phone every day until he returns. 

On their first “real” date, Sloan finds out that Jason is a famous country singer. Sloan loves his music and listens to it all the time. The chemistry between the two continues to build and the butterflies keep swarming. Sloan needs the relationship to move slowly, and Jason knows she is worth the wait. 

But then Sloan suddenly decides, why wait? When Jason asks Sloan to go on tour with him, she immediately says yes. While Jason thrives on tour with Sloan by his side, the weeks without sleep and the long hours start to tear Sloan down. When Jason realizes she needs a break, he surprises Sloan by sending her to his parents’ house. This rejuvenates her, but Sloan being away starts to take a toll on Jason. He has signed contracts, so he can’t take off from the tour. Unfortunately, this distance is going to make it extremely hard for their relationship to continue. 

The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez

Genre: Romance

When a dog named Tucker jumps into Sloan’s car one morning, she is surprised to find that she likes the owner, Jason, as much as she likes Tucker. But with Jason’s job, will the two of them be able to make a relationship work? 

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How can you not love a book that has such a sweet dog like Tucker? The way Sloan and Jason were introduced was adorable. The dual perspectives of this book allowed me to connect with both Sloan and Jason. Jason was swoon-worthy and had me falling for him with every turn of the page. Both of their personalities were amazing, and so is their chemistry. I also loved the relationship between best friends Kristen and Sloan. Everyone needs a friend like that in their life, that “ride or die” who’s always there for you no matter what.

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Something that stood out to me with this book was how the beginning of the chapters always had a song to add to a playlist. It really fit the storyline. 

The only reason this wasn’t a perfect five stars for me was because the ending was a little cheesy. Cute, but definitely cheesy. I did enjoy the conflict though and I thought it fit well within the story. 

The Happy Ever After Playlist was such a smooth transition from The Friend Zone. I loved how Kristen, Josh and their daughter were still a part of this story. When a good book ends, I often feel sad to leave the characters behind. With this series, they come along with you through each book. 

The Friend Zone is a must-read series, especially for those who love contemporary romance. 

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