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This post is all about The Girl in White by Lindsay Currie.

I was intrigued when this book was released back in September 2022. I haven’t read a spooky middle-grade book in a while, and this book did not disappoint. 


 Eastport, Massachusetts, is known as the most cursed city in the United States. Not only does it have more cemeteries than schools, but the whole town is obsessed with keeping its reputation as one of the most haunted places to visit. October 1st is the best and busiest month of the year because it’s Halloween month. 

Mallory Denton is still adjusting to her new life in Eastport. Aside from being a seventh-grade student, she is also helping out her parents, who run The Hill restaurant–known for being a wall away from Old Shallow Hill Cemetery. But her parents don’t know. Mallory has been having nightmares since they moved. Her nightmares are always about the same old woman wearing a white dress. Mallory is not only losing sleep, but she also has an unsettling feeling that someone is watching her. 

Things get crazier after a terrifying close encounter with the woman. Mallory also does things she can’t remember, like coming home soaked and covered with sand. She wants to understand why the old woman haunts her. With the help of her friends, Mallory begins investigating the message this woman is trying to tell her. She also discovers along the way that Joshua, her neighbor, is also having the same nightmares and unexplainable experiences. Together they investigate the story of Sweet Molly. Legends say that she was the one who cursed the town after her brother’s death. But solving this mystery will not be easy. Mallory and her friends will need people to listen to them, and they also need to overcome the town’s obsession with the curse and Halloween. 

The Girl in White by Lindsay Currie

Genre: Middle Grade/ Mystery

This book is about Mallory Denton’s terrifying encounters in one of the most haunted places in America. Together with her friends, they try to end the town curse by figuring out the messages Sweet Molly is trying to tell them.

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First, I love how this book has no profanity or violence. I consider this as a very important factor when picking books for my middle schooler. The book is actually recommended for readers ages eight and up. 

The girl in white
Contributor Vinsci!

I enjoyed the descriptive writing of the story. The way the author described the weather changes and storms felt realistic. The town also felt vibrant and welcoming. The description of Eastport as a Halloween town gave a great cozy and spooky vibe. I imagine it looking like Halloween Town from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. There were also great food descriptions. Every meal prepared at The Hill was mouth-watering. 

I honestly did not expect a middle-grade book to be realistically creepy. I was expecting a big plot twist: things were just a dream or someone normal was behind everything. The nightmares and terrifying encounters the characters experienced gave me goosebumps and kept me on the edge of my seat. The clues the old woman left were creepy and haunting. I was impressed by how curious, smart, and determined these kids were, and I forgot they were only seventh graders. 

This book was not only about haunting ghost stories, terrifying encounters, and curses. There was also a strong message about listening to other people and not turning one’s misery into personal gains. One other special thing about this book is the QR codes that give clues to solve the Mysteries for Young Readers created by the author.

Do you believe in ghosts or paranormal activities? I do, based on my experiences working in hospitals for years.

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