So as you know I love nails. I am always paying attention to the latest celebrity nail trend and I love nail art! And you know I love pinterest inspired nails!
Well I’m sure you’ve seen the Kardashian nails as well as other celebrities rocking a new shaped nail! I’ve been searching for what it is known for and it’s called the Ballerina Shaped Nail or the Coffin nail design.
[youtube=] It’s a mix between the almond nail shape and the square nail shape. I’m thinking of trying this new nail shape but I’m a little hesitant as you have to keep them long to achieve this nail shape. I love acrylic nails but when they are long, I can’t do a lot of my day-to-day actives because I’m very active.
I know a lot of you guys have written in and I too was curious how to shape the nail for this design. Luckily I came across one of my favorite nail artists on Youtube and she did an amazing video on how to achieve this look.
Comment below! What do YOU think of this nail trend?! Have YOU TRIED it? Should I give it a try?!

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  1. Hi. I had ballerina shaped nails few times. Looks stylish and cool. The length of a nail allows you to go crazy with rhinestones and bigger shapes (I stumbled on a wonderful Belle inspired nail art on Instagram). However, I prefer shorter nails because it’s more practical.

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