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Thank you, Next by Andie J. Christopher Review is here, and I’m going to share why this book should be your next read. Are you a fan of childhood friends to lovers turned frenemies to lovers? Then I would recommend Thank You Next by Andie J. Christopher.

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Before I discuss my thoughts, let me give you a summary.

This story follows Alex Turner & Will Harkness and their journey to their own happily ever after. Alex is a divorce attorney who does not believe love or marriage is in the cards for her. One day while watching Tv, she sees her ex and his new fiancé. This sends her into a spiral of wondering why all her exes ended up married right after they broke up. She has the idea to talk to some of her exes to see what went wrong. Will comes back into the picture when he realizes what her plan was. He decides to tag along so that maybe he can be the one she chooses to let all the way in. Will their past hurts and struggles prevent them from finding what they want, or will they get their happy ending? Find out when you read Thank You, Next

My Review:

So this book drew me in from the cover, but the summary hooked me. As I started reading, two movies came to mind: Good Luck Chuck & Clueless; this book shared some similar themes with these movies, but the approach this author took was in a slightly different direction. 


I felt the author handled both Alex & Will beautifully. They both came from broken families and had reasons for shutting down their feelings from the world. As Alex interacted with her ex-boyfriends, you could see that she had a hard time attaching and letting people in past her ironclad walls. Will never felt like he would be a loving and affectionate partner; he compared himself to his father, always jumping from partner to partner.

Throughout this book, there is a conflict between the two of them. Both characters really grew, and the author did a solid job of showing that through their conflict resolution. Both characters learn to identify their inherited unhealthy habits and go against them to be better people for themselves and each other. Overall, I rated this book four stars. If you liked what you read and you ended up reading this book, share your thoughts! I would love to hear them. As for what I should pick next, what do you think?

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