Today I had another sunset yoga session and I just love yoga and the outdoors. It wasn’t too chilly out and the clear skies really give you a peaceful mindset. I wore one of my favorite yoga outfits from Brazil Wear and I have to say I love the cutoutContinue Reading

As all of you already know I had a major operation on my ear about nine weeks ago. I haven’t been able to fully workout like I used to since my surgery. Especially since I love running, but it’s high impact on my ear. This week was the first runContinue Reading

Someday’s a moment of silence is all you need. A moment to stop and think about your day and just be able to reflect makes the world of difference. For me that’s always when I’m doing yoga. I love doing yoga outdoors and hearing pure nature and just having aContinue Reading

If you haven’t heard from Natalie Jill I definitely recommend checking her out on Facebook! Her page came up on my Facebook a few weeks ago and I decided to check-out her page and I’m so glad I did. Her videos and posts are amazing! She always has innovative exercisesContinue Reading

There’s nothing like a peaceful moment in your day. Whether it’s right when you wake up with your morning coffee in hand or when your out taking a walk. For me it’s that peaceful yoga moment when I can take in the outdoors and just enjoy a peaceful moment. WhenContinue Reading