On Valentine’s I Wear Red…

On Valentine’s I Wear Red!

So just want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! I had to share which dress I picked from my Youtube video and so many of you wrote in and told me which to pick so thank-you so much if you did!!
I admit this red one was one of my favorites! I’m so glad that everyone who wrote in loved it too! I got it from Original Piece Boutique online thankfully before it sold out! It’s so gorgeous I love the scuba material and especially the fun flirty scallop detail on the dress!
I can’t forget about the skater skirt bottom and how flowy and flirty this dress is! It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day today!
What do you guys think of this dress?!

Valentine’s Day Sweets

One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day has to been all the sweets! I love chocolate and Valentine’s Day makes me love chocolate even more!
I couldn’t refuse getting these Dunkin Donuts for Valentine’s Day. The heart ones are filled with chocolate inside and they tasted amazing! Some times you have to indulge… don’t you agree?! 😉 And yes I ate the sprinkle heart one first.. I couldn’t refuse!
These have to be one of my favorite donuts so far by Dunkin Donuts! The gorgeous colors for Valentine’s and how fresh they tasted!
Did you try Dunkin Donuts Valentine’s Day sweets yet?!

Let Valentine’s Weekend Mania Begin…

So as soon as I stepped out there were Valentine’s Day decorations everywhere! There are cakes, cookies, balloons, candy, flowers, stuffed animals… I can keep going!
Made with Repix (http://repix.it)
This year I swear there is more Valentine’s Day stuff than I have ever seen!
I have to say I like Valentine’s Day for the simply fact to embrace who you are and be love yourself! So I couldn’t help but celebrate Valentine’s Day weekend when I was out and get some photos with all decor!
After all Valentine’s only happens once a year!!
How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?!

Valentine’s Day Picks!

Hey Guys!
So many of you have been writing in asking me what I’m wearing for Valentine’s Day and I can’t decide! I posted a video (my first-ever) on my Youtube channel! Watch it and comment which pick I should wear!

I can’t decide! I love the pink dress with the denim jacket!
I also can’t get enough of the red dress or the solid white with pink accessories!
Watch my video to see to where I got all my accessories and how I paired each dress! By the way the dresses were all on sale I got and the accessories were all under $10!
Which should I pick for Valentine’s Day?!

Little Red Dress…

So today is the first day of February so what better way to start off the month of love than with a little red dress.
I got this dress from Original Piece Boutique online as soon as I saw it and I couldn’t help but order it right away! I absolutely love the scallop on this dress and the cutout accent is perfect for a fun flirty dress! I’ve been searching for a skater skirt Valentine’s dress and I found this gorgeous one!
I paired a denim jacket over it when it got cooler outside with the wind. But to keep this look day casual I paired my favorite sparkle Jack Rogers with it!
What do you think? Doesn’t this little red dress scream Valentine’s Day!

Time for Dress-Up

I had so much fun in my new dress! As Kate Spade says, ‘I think that playing dress-up begins at age five and truly never ends.’

Time for Dress-Up
Time for Dress-Up

This dress I just got online from Original Piece Boutique (Check-it-out!) for only $38! It was $61 (I got an amazing deal)! I love the tulle bottom skirt and the detailed black accent color hue! The straps come off to make the dress strapless or I can leave them on. Depends on what kind of occasion I want!
The dress is perfect for Valentine’s Day too! I thought about switching the black wedges with a red pair and adding some red accessories!
My black wedges I’m wearing with the dress today are from Target and I got them for only $28! They are so comfortable that I wear them almost everyday with my outfits. Doesn’t help either adding a few inches since I’m so short!
What do you guys think of my outfit today?! I think I have a new date night favorite look! 🙂