A Beach Tassel Adventure

Tassel’s are definitely the new fashion trend on scene for spring! I couldn’t wait to get this dress from Original Piece Boutique, as soon as I saw it. I tried it on and I love the one shoulder tassel design and adjustable strap. The tassels are a bold neon color that I love and it gives it a trendy twist.

I wore this to an occasion I had at the beach and it was so comfortable to walk along the ocean in. The dress is a cream color for spring and will offset a nice tan… when I have time I’m tanning! 😉
I paired it also with a new choker necklace from Ettika Jewelry and it also has that bold neon color mix in the choker design. It has a chain clasp so you can adjust where on your neck you wear it! I also paired it with the matching shoes I found from Target for only $24 that also had tassels!
What do you think of this new dress from Original Piece? See more on my INSTA @HeyitsCarlyRae
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

Find Your Paradise

I had an awesome time during this photoshoot and I love this photo. It reminds me to ‘Find Your Paradise,’ with this dress and with the whole atmosphere of the photo.
This dress I wore I got as soon as the shoot was finished. It’s from Original Piece and I love the vintage style and the paradise print on this dress. I love that it’s a midi length (because it’s a perfect length for me) and I love that it’s a wrap style so I can adjust how it fits.
In the shoot I was barefoot when I wore it, but you can pair this dress with sandals too for a fun flirty fit. When I wore this look out at night I paired it with these new gladiator themed sandals from Target, and for a daytime casual look I paired it with Jack Roger sandals.
So Find Your Paradise and let me know what you think of this photo by Ralphi Reign’s Photography!
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

Live in Color

Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to live in color. I love bright colors and I love making a statement wherever I go. As the saying goes: ‘why blend in when you were born to stand out?’ I definitely love that quote because it’s so true.
It’s time to embrace your style in a bold fun way. I absolutely LOVE this photo from Ralphi’s Photography and I LOVE this bold dress from Original Piece. The colors of this dress are bold and fun and make me think of the tropical whether. It’s the perfect dress for spring and summer.
I also love the shoulder cutouts and the adjustable straps on this shift dress. The added tassels give it a fun trendy twist that is a definite favorite of mine.
What do YOU think?! Comment below and let me know what you think of this look?! DO YOU LIVE IN COLOR?!
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

Photo Session With Ricky Skaggs

Flashback Friday in my diary to the photo session I got to do with the legendary Bluegrass artist, Ricky Skaggs.
I was in Nashville, TN on a trip and for the day I got to go see where all the country artists get headshots done and I got to meet and spend the day with Ricky Skaggs.
The day was spent at a photo studio and photographers got to spend a few hours there learning lights etc. Ricky was there do be a ‘model’ for the shoot and I was lucky enough to be there. I offered to get a photo with him and got to be paired with him for a photo session and it was amazing!
Ricky Skaggs is very nice and it is amazing knowing all his accomplishments he has done and meeting him. Being an aspiring country/bluegrass singer it was a true honor to meet him, let alone get in on a photo session with him!! It was awesome!
Fingers crossed there will be another time for another photo session with this amazing artist! What is your favorite Ricky Skaggs song?!

Dear Diary…

Today we had a huge photoshoot at the beach and I have to say it was the hottest photoshoot I remember. I was so hot I wasn’t even hungry! It was at the beach and the breeze was good along the water but as soon as you walked away from the shoreline the instant summer heatwave struck! I ended up getting so sunburned on my arms and on the tip of my nose even I got sunburned!
It was a busy day filled with so much photoshoot chaos of changing in the car and the heat. Photoshoots aren’t always glamorous and today in the summer heat was no exception!
I’m so excited though for the launch of my Gkeys and for all the exciting new adventures that  you will definitely have to follow along and stay tuned to see more!
But definitely in the summer heat stay healthy by drinking liquids (LOTS) and wearing sunscreen if you miss one section you will definitely get burned!

‘Let’s take our hearts for a walk in the woods & listen to the magic whispers of old trees’🌲❤️

I absolutely love this photo from the photoshoot I did last week! I just got it and the entire atmosphere of the enchanted theme I think turned out amazing. It’s a photo I never thought possible.
If you haven’t heard of Original Piece Studios, you pick a package and can get photographed either for fun, with friends, or for a bridal shower. I did the ‘Princess Package’ their most popular one and I  love how it turned out. I did the one hair and makeup look and the outfit changes. I picked the gown because I’ve allayed wanted an enchanted photo.
If you can believe it, it was pouring rain about 10 minutes before this photo was taken and I a little worried we would have to reschedule it, but thankfully it cleared and was sunny out for the rest of the shoot!
So if you’re looking for an amazing place to literally ‘Feel like a super star for the day’ Original Piece Studios is amazing! Plus Kendra, the hair and makeup artist did an amazing job!

Amazing photo by Ralphi Reigh’s Photography from Original Piece Studios and gown by Original Piece

And btw I’ve only done a few professional shoots and this by far exceed my expectations!

Comment below what you think of this photo!