Beautiful Thunder

Beautiful Thunder by Jenny Murison is out now. “How would you feel if I asked you to say goodbye?”  This is the question that 27-year-old Jenny faces from her therapist nearly ten years after the love of her life died in a car crash. A book about healing and courage, BeautifulContinue Reading

Code Gray

Code Gray by Benny Sims is out now. You can’t see the world in black and white until you eliminate the gray. Weeks away from a national presidential election, politicians, voters and the news media are divided along ideological lines. The division becomes even deeper when members of the conservativeContinue Reading

Eternally Artemisia

Eternally Artemisia by Melissa Muldoon is out now. In “Eternally Artemisia,” Melissa Muldoon delivers a whirlwind story of everlasting soulful connections, taking readers from biblical times to the 26th century. Her story will delight fans of time travel, history, art, historical fiction, romance, and intrigue. The novel focuses on ArtemisiaContinue Reading

The Vision

The Vision by Eugene Chernett is out now. ARE ANY OF OUR CHOICES TRULY OURS?  Before receiving the letter that would change it all, Maxwell was a young reporter for a Chicago publication, living his ordinary life in a studio apartment. But now, the world he thought he knew hadContinue Reading

By The Sea

By The Sea by Steve Lamperti is out now. “A must-read.” Liliyana Shadowlyn, The Faerie Review A little medieval fishing village which worships Poseidon, a young girl with a dark memory, a mysterious young nobleman who comes riding into town on a white stallion. What brings these three things together?Continue Reading