You can’t buy happiness but you can buy CUPCAKES! Don’t you agree! 😉 I couldn’t resist getting these cupcakes when I saw them! They screamed summertime and I love cupcakes, especially in the summertime! I admit I’m a huge chocolate fan, so the fact they were chocolate was a plus!Continue Reading

Okay so bikini season is literally right around the corner. It seems like each day I wake up it’s creeping up closer and closer. That means it’s frenzy time to pick out the best bikinis for those beach vacations, and to jumpstart that bikini ready body! Over the past fewContinue Reading

One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day has to been all the sweets! I love chocolate and Valentine’s Day makes me love chocolate even more! I couldn’t refuse getting these Dunkin Donuts for Valentine’s Day. The heart ones are filled with chocolate inside and they tasted amazing! Some timesContinue Reading

So on the road trip I couldn’t help but get out and get a photo underneath the Krispy Creme donut sign! I was waiting for the red light to turn on! I have to say at lease once you need to try a Krispy Kreme donut when the red lightContinue Reading

It’s FRI-YAY and that means the weekend is here! I had a late afternoon Tea Party, but what’s a tea party without donuts! 😉 The Dunkin Donut sweets were a nice touch for the hot summer weather! I loved the sprinkle ones and the strawberry ones were good too… hey,Continue Reading