Infinity Son by Adam Silvera Review is here and making me ask myself if the bond of brotherhood is unbreakable even when one brother becomes the Chosen One in a fight he never wanted? That’s the question Infinity Son gets the reader questioning at the start of this fantasy novel.Continue Reading

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What happens when a broken curse becomes a burden? That’s the question A Heart So Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer asks in this riveting sequel to A Curse So Dark and Lonely. The story picks up months after the curse has been broken, and Grey killed Lilith. However, GreyContinue Reading

Finally, Spy by Danielle Steel review is here! The main question of Spy is who would suspect a young, blonde-haired girl who volunteers at the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry at the break of World War II as a spy? The answer is no one which is why Alexandra Wickham wasContinue Reading

Yes, that’s how the saying goes, and the perfect caption for this photo! As an influencer for Shoedazzle I picked out these booties to showcase. I have to say the moment I saw them I was like ‘WOW!’ I loved the designs and the added edgy buckles on the side.Continue Reading