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Contributor Nicki C

Spells for Forgetting by Adrienne Young–“There are spells for breaking and spells for mending. But there are no spells for forgetting.”

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Adrienne Young is an author who, in the past, fascinated me with her young adult novels. So when I saw she was coming out with an adult novel rooted in witches and magical realism, I knew I had to check it out. I am so glad I decided to give this book a try, even requesting it on NetGalley for an advanced copy. This book was a cozy autumn morning wrapped up in a mystery and I was ready for it.


The residents of Saoirse, a small, mysterious island off the coast of Washington, know how special the island is. Rooted in magic as old as the apple orchards that keep the town alive, mystery lurks. 

Fourteen years ago, a fire nearly destroyed the town and resulted in the death of one of its residents. August Salt was accused, but never convicted, of Lily’s murder and with a lack of evidence to prove his guilt, his mother left with August to start over. After swearing he would never return, he finds himself on a ferry bound for the island to honor his mother’s wishes and lay her to rest on the island. Emery Blackwood has spent her entire life on the island, tied to the folklore, tea leaves, and spell work that reside there.

Soon Emery finds herself torn between uncovering the truth of her best friend’s murder or keeping the peace for the residents of Saoirse, her family, and her own way of life. But a town rooted in magical ties and close-knit secrets is not going to easily give up what they know, even if it is the only way Emery and August can truly heal.

Spells for Forgetting by Adrienne Young

Genre: Adult Fantasy/ Fiction

After 14 years away, August Salt is returning to the one place he swore he never would: the island of Saoirse. It is where he spent his entire youth and where his first love, Emery Blackwood, still lives. All he wants to do is bury his mother and leave, but the magical nature of this eerie island might have other plans for these two.

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Spells for Forgetting was not what I expected, but in the best way. While this book had so many positive aspects that kept me engaged the entire time, my favorite part about Young’s writing was the descriptive nature of her words. I could see the town with every vivid description she provided. From the salted air of the Pacific Ocean beaches, to the small-town tea shop and pub lining the main street of this autumnal tourist town, I wanted to be there. It truly felt like a book you read wrapped in a blanket with a steaming mug of coffee or tea on a chilly morning, surrounded by autumn-dusted trees.

Contributor Nicki with Spells for forgetting
Contributor Nicki with Spells for Forgetting! Have you read it?

This story is told between the past and the present, slowly unraveling the mystery of what happened 14 years ago. The main narrators are August and Emery, but other side characters have their own perspective and chapters mixed in, including the island itself. The mystery kept me intrigued, even if at times it was slightly predictable.

Even so, it did not detract from the story. I loved August and Emery’s second chance romance. The way their love blossomed as young adults, and how they still felt pulled to each other after so long. It’s a beautiful and tragic story. Everyone was trying to keep them apart with betrayals and lies and secrets, but the island was trying to help them find their way to each other.

Magical realism is not usually a genre I am drawn to, but this book may have convinced me otherwise. While not specifically described as witches, the women of the town had deep and familiar ties to the island and its magic, which was handed down to them through things like the ability to read tea leaves and family spellbooks. While romance is not the main plot, it is a strong aspect of the story and woven into a mystery that was quickly unraveled.

Because of all of this, Spells for Forgetting could appeal to a wide variety of adult readers. Readers of Young’s other books will love this new world she has created, and will find themselves trying to solve the murder of Lily Morgan.

Is magical realism and mystery with a side of romance too many genres wrapped up in one book? Or is it the recipe for a magical story that is not as simple as it seems? If you have read this, let me know what you think. I am off to read more Adrienne Young novels.

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