Sometimes this is all you need…

Someday’s a moment of silence is all you need. A moment to stop and think about your day and just be able to reflect makes the world of difference.
For me that’s always when I’m doing yoga. I love doing yoga outdoors and hearing pure nature and just having a moment to myself to just to keep calm for the day. I just got this new yoga outfit from Brazil Wear and I couldn’t wait to wear it today. The yoga pant design is from their new line and the new fit is amazing! It’s so soft and isn’t constricting at all which makes yoga 10 times easier! 🙂 The top I got paired perfect with the yoga pants because I wear my yoga pants a little higher. It was so comfortable and I loved the open-back design of it too!
Where’s your favorite yoga spot? I think I just found mine! 😉

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