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Kara V Contributor

This post is all about Some of It Was Real by Nan Fischer.

Romance is a genre where you typically know what to expect in a book. Happily Ever Afters, swoon-worthy moments, will they/won’t they tension…The predictability is one of my favorite aspects of the genre. Every once in a while, however, there comes a book that completely blows my expectations out of the water. Some of It Was Real is one of those books. It seamlessly melds multiple genres into one outstanding book that took my breath away.

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Synopsis of Some of It Was Real:

Sylvie is a psychic medium who has dedicated her adult life to helping other people. She and her emotional support Great Dane, Moose, travel the country to sold-out stadiums to perform psychic-medium readings with people who are struggling with the death of a loved one. 

Thomas is a reporter on the cusp of his big break. He is writing an exposé on fake psychics who make money off other people’s grief. Sylvie is the last piece to the puzzle, and he is determined to expose her as the fraud he believes she is.

With no other choice but to try to prove herself to him, Sylvie invites Thomas to shadow her in the week leading up to her next show. She will do whatever it takes to save her livelihood and convince Thomas that she is who and what she says she is. The two embark on a journey through Sylvie’s past, uncovering unexpected questions about her birth parents, who died in a plane crash when she was young. Sylvie has no memory of the first few years of her life before her adoption, and the deeper she and Thomas dig into her past, the closer they become to each other. Can these two opposites overcome their differences, or will the secrets lurking in both of their pasts tear them apart?

Some of It Was Real by Nan Fischer

Genre: Romance

A rising star psychic-medium and the jaded journalist determined to out her as a fraud embarks on a journey through the past exposing decades-old secrets and cover-ups. Sylvie and Thomas’s relationship evolves from enemies to something more as they spend time together, but will it be able to withstand the fallout when decades-old secrets are exposed?

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Some of It Was Real was a complete surprise. I expected to read a funny rom-com with tropes and themes common in most other contemporary romances. Instead, I found a slow-burn mystery, a battle of wits, and a journey of self-discovery. 

HeyitsCarlyRae Contributor Kara with Some of It was Real!

I really enjoyed both Thomas and Sylvie’s storylines. Neither character is perfect- far from it, in fact. They both plan ways to manipulate the other for most of the book, and they are each trying to destroy the other person’s career. However, even with their flawed character traits, I could not help but be drawn to both Thomas and Sylvie. Thomas is wrestling with a deep-seated sense of inadequacy and is drowning in unresolved grief from a childhood trauma. Sylvie has imposter syndrome and is burdened by her family’s disappointment in her career choices. Watching these two people who are so different on the outside but so similar on the inside get to know each other and slowly build a relationship was beautiful. The dual points of view allowed me a glimpse into their heads and let me really understand their individual motivations. 

Some of It Was Real is not your typical romance. The raw grief and trauma leaped off the page and wrecked me emotionally. I teared up multiple times while reading this one. I loved Some of It Was Real. I read the whole book in less than 24 hours, and I was utterly captivated by it. 

What is the last book that surprised you?

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Contributor Lindsey with Some of It Was Real!

Lindsey S.

I loved this book a whole lot. 

As someone who grew up in the 90s, when television psychics were all the rage, I was instantly drawn to the premise of this book. The cover, with its blue and pink theme, gives the impression that Some of It Was Real is going to be a lighthearted, uplifting romance, and it is definitely not. It’s a little darker, and it’s so much deeper than what the blurb implies.

The mystery of who Sylvie is and why she can or cannot contact the dead was such an unexpected plot line, but also the thing that kept me the most engaged. This was a book that I did not want to put down and wanted to pick up as soon as I possibly could. 

Fischer’s writing style was uncomplicated but filled with easy and wonderful descriptions that bound me to the characters, both human and animal. There were about four different places that I cried, which to me is a testament to an author’s writing ability. 

I specifically loved the theme of forgiveness in this book, as well as reiterating the importance of creating boundaries in order to find safety and comfort within yourself. The changes the characters go through as they learn to trust each other and themselves was heartbreaking in the most honest of ways. 

The only reason I knocked half a star off is that I wasn’t a fan of how quickly the romantic relationship developed. But I also understand that grief and other forces can push two people together quickly. So while this was a very realistic thing, as a reader who isn’t a fan of the instant-love trope, I couldn’t fully support it. 

Contributor Kelsey with her copy of Some of It Was Real!

Kelsey H.

Some Of It Was Real by Nan Fischer was a pleasant surprise for me! I picked this book due to the gorgeous cover and being labeled as a contemporary romance. Other than that, I went into this blind and loved it! 

Through alternating chapters, we get the points of view of Sylvie and Thomas. The character development for both was phenomenal. I found myself invested as if they were real. I appreciated how this was more than a romance. There was a great mix of mystery and suspense as well. 

This is the first book I have read centered around a psychic medium. I loved that element of the story. Sylvie Young is a likable character that I could tell truly wanted to help others. She struggles with panic attacks and has a therapy dog. I adored Moose, the Great Dane, and Chris, Thomas’s elder cat. 

My favorite part of this story was the search to find Sylvie’s birth parents. They ran into many roadblocks, which kept me on the edge of my seat. I also liked Thomas’s background and family life and how he tied into her story in multiple different ways. 

I enjoyed how different Nan Fischer made Sylvie and Thomas. While his being a non-believer and often cruel was frustrating at times, I liked reading their interactions. 

I did not see the ending coming! I was pleased with how unexpected and unpredictable it felt. This was a five-star read for me from start to finish, and I plan to recommend it every chance I get! 

Contributor Chandler with her copy of Some of It Was Real!

Chandler M.

I went into Some of it Was Real completely blind. I had no expectations and thought maybe I would just read a few chapters a day. I was quickly pulled in and could not put it down! I loved this book. 

Sylvie was such a great character. I loved her personality, strength, and sarcasm. She was a breath of fresh air. Her chemistry with Thomas was off the charts. I am such a sucker for the enemies-to-lovers trope. Thomas had a grouchy personality, but also, a kind heart is hidden in there. He also had that perfect amount of sarcasm that made their banter back and forth suck you in. 

What really had me hooked in this book was the mystery behind Sylvie’s birth parents. I love a good romance, but when you add a mystery in there as well, it doesn’t get better than that. I even started to feel scared for what Sylvie would find at the end of her search for her biological parents and shed a few tears too. 

Let’s be honest: the best parts about this book were Moose and Christopher Robin.  It is so easy to relate to other animal lovers and feel the love they share with their pet. It is amazing how much joy our furry friends bring to our lives. 

This book really had it all. The mystery, suspense, and romance. I loved going on this journey with Sylvie and Thomas. It was one of my favorite reads this year! 

Contributor Vinsci with her copy of Some of It Was Real!

Vinsci F.

The cover art, the book title, and the plot caught my attention right away. I was enthralled the moment I started reading page one. I thought I was reading another contemporary story, but this book is incomparable to others. The story is uniquely fresh, and the author’s writing draws you in. 

I enjoy watching psychic-medium shows, no matter the situation, or even if people say it is scripted. I always love watching that moment when the medium connects with a loved one’s spirit. Watching that moment hit the audience and giving them some sense of closure and peace makes me content. The author did an amazing job writing about those moments and talking about Sylvie Young’s special gift. One of my favorite parts was when Sylvie shared how those encounters affected her. 

Then we have the Doubting Thomas. Reporter Thomas Holmes is determined to expose psychic mediums like Sylvie. He calls them grief vampires and believes Sylvie is a scam. There is a story behind his dubious character and why he is so set on exposing Sylvie. That’s when you know the author is an effective writer because my blood was boiling reading the reporter’s side of Thomas. He was frustrating, annoying, and unbelievable. 

Sylvie and Thomas make a deal to work together. Sylvie will let Thomas into her life, prove him wrong that she is not a fake, and he will leave her out of his report. As they work together, they try to manipulate and play with one another. Drawn by their grief, past trauma, loneliness, and unresolved issues, they start to develop feelings for each other but remain uncertain because they claim they will hurt each other. 

   This book was a 5-star read for me. It was a compulsive read. It’s not your ordinary contemporary story. It was unique, interesting, and surprising. It was not a cutesy romance.  For me, the strength of this book was the search for the truth and origin of Sylvie Young. I loved the mysterious vibes behind her life. The fur friends in this book were amazing. Moose and Christopher Robin’s gift as support animals resonated beyond the pages of the book. A little warning, if you are a crier like me, expect a few pages where tears will just fall. 

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