SNS Nails What do you think?

Hey girls’!
So I was out today and one of my friends had the SNS nails! I’ve heard about the powder color application but I’ve never seen it up close with acrylic nails too.
[youtube=] I have to say I loved her nails! They felt natural and looked really natural! They fit right with your regular nail and aren’t think at all.
I’m debating trying the new nail trend because usually my nails don’t agree with acrylic nails. They end up hurting and I have to take them off, so I’m thinking maybe the SNS nails will lay better and hopefully since there isn’t a lot of filling they would feel better. I put a tutorial above so if you aren’t familiar with SNS you can see how it is done.
Comment below and help me decide! Have you gotten them? What is your review of it?

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