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Contributor Nicki C

This post is all about Silver Silence by Nalini Singh!

I am always on the hunt for superior fantasy romance book recommendations. Something about the new adult fantasy with the added romance plot, draws me in. Nalini Singh is a well known and highly recommended fantasy romance/urban fantasy author, and I was excited for the chance to read and review a book from one of her popular series. Add a bit of spice and I am completely onboard.


Have you read Silver Silence?

Silver Silence is the first book of the new psy-changeling trinity, but is considered to be season II and book number 16 for this overall series by Nalini Singh. The story follows Silver Mercant, a fledgling of the Trinity Accord and director of the worldwide emergency response network, whose role is to unite their divided world. The Consortium, a group working against the Trinity Accord, is seeking to keep all races/species separate. Therefore, they are targeting and seeking to destroy Silver and bring anarchy. After an attempted poisoning on Silver, she is forced to flee. Silver is thrust into the wilderness of the StoneWater bear clan and into the den of the alpha shifter bear, Valentin Nikolav.

This Russian bear changeling finds himself drawn to Silver and actively pursuing her. There’s just one problem: Silver is Silent. She does not show emotion, and is calculated and precise in everything she does. Valentin is determined to claim her as his mate and bring out the fire inside her with chaos, charm, and a playfulness that Silver is unable to understand.

Will Silver break her Silence for Valentin? Will their romance endure despite all that works against them?

Silver Silence is an urban fantasy with changelings (shifters), psychically inclined humans, and a dystopian type setting. Silver has been present throughout the previous psy-changeling books and many characters from previous books make appearances in this book. It is an 18+ read with spicy scenes and descriptions.

Silver Silence by Nalini Singh

Genre: Romance Fantasy

In this new world, Silver does not allow herself to show emotion. Being one of the Psy, this is all she knows and who she is. Valentin is an alpha bear in a changeling clan who must protect Silver from outside forces trying to kill her. A Psy sworn to remain passive and a dominant changeling male who is ruled by his passions must learn to help each other in this world if they want to survive those trying to bring about the world’s destruction. 

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Contributor Nicki with Silver Silence!

Silver Silence is written for a specific audience and fanbase that I think will love this book. However, I found it  to be extremely overwhelming for someone who has no knowledge of the world or these characters. Although it is marketed as a standalone, I struggled to connect with the characters and understand their motivations. Silver was hard to relate to because I am a highly emotional person. She appears cold and aloof, and immune to Valentin’s flirtatious advances. Therefore, I found myself more interested in Valentin and the StoneWater bear clan characters. I really enjoyed that they were bear shifters, because I cannot think of any other shifter romance involving bears. I found that to be unique and refreshing.

Fantasy romance is my favorite genre, and the fantasy elements of this story kept me involved despite the tremendous amount of world-building I had to catch up on. The pacing kept the story moving and I really wanted to see the relationship between Silver and Valentin through. The spice level is on the higher side in this book, but again, the spice is for a very particular fanbase that also is not me. I gave this three stars because I really struggled to understand what I was reading and had trouble keeping up. I hated feeling that way the entire book. 

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Contributor Chandler!

Chandler M.

Silver Silence is my first book by Nalini Singh. It is the first book in a six-book series, and was an interesting and exciting read, especially for fantasy romance lovers!  

I enjoy reading romance fantasy, so I knew that I would enjoy Silver Silence. Silver Mercant is what every female main character should be: strong and independent. She does not need a man to help her, but of course, that is all Valentin wants to do. I really liked Valentin and his persistence to protect Silver and win her over. They had good chemistry even though Silver was not able to “feel.” Valentin never gave up on Silver, which definitely gave me butterflies. I loved how Silver could use telekinesis to talk to other people and see into other people’s minds. That is a cool “superpower” to have. 

I know that fantasy books often come with a whole new world to learn, and usually, I am pretty quick to catch on. However, this book took me some time to get all of the races, people, and powers down. I enjoyed Valentin courting Silver, but once they slept together she instantly loved him. This was explained because of the mating bond, but I still felt it was too quick. Insta-love is one of my least favorite tropes. Thankfully there was more conflict to get me hooked again, and Valentin had to restart his courting of Silver. 

While I enjoyed this book, I do not feel an immediate need to read the next in the series. But it might be a series I would enjoy reading sometime in the future! This was a three-and-a-half star read for me!

Contributor Natalie!

Natalie B.

I normally don’t lean toward the fantasy genre, but the title and cover of this book pulled me in. For the most part, I really enjoyed this story. The dynamic between Silver and Valentin was fun, and their banter made me laugh. I felt more connected to Valentin’s character, finding him more approachable than Silver, although I understand why she was that way. 

The storyline was unique and it had various layers of romance, internal struggles, and some mystery. The characters were dynamic enough and you were able to see how complex they truly were. In any novel that has romance, it’s so easy for a storyline to get lost in the mix. Singh excelled in making sure each theme in this book was given enough of a spotlight so that one theme didn’t overshadow the others.

While I enjoyed the story, there was a lot going on at times and I found myself having to re-read a page just to try and understand. While this book was the first in this series, there are other books that were interconnected. Reading Singh’s previous novels would have been helpful in understanding what was going on in this one. 

I loved that the book had both the main characters’ perspectives, but the perspectives jumped mid-chapter without a break to show the shift in perspective. 

Overall, I enjoyed this book and I might consider reading more of Singh’s books, as I thoroughly enjoy her writing style.

Contributor Jessica!

Jessica R.

From the outset, Silver Silence seemed to have all the things I love in a good urban fantasy: shifters, psychics, power struggles between species, love, and mates. I jumped into it with enthusiasm and I was immediately pulled into the story. Singh does a great job of opening her book with exciting action and developing a male lead that’s easy to care about. 

But as the book continued, I struggled to connect with the story. It took me a while to untangle why I felt that way. Finally it clicked for me: there are a lot of confusing things in this book that are under explained, and a lot of easy to understand things that are over explained. 

For example, the whole concept of “silence” did not make sense to me for the majority of the book, nor did the various psy networks. However, “because I’m a bear,” is used in nearly every other paragraph. The combination of those two things made me hesitant to continue reading.

However, there is a lot of joy to be found in the bear shifters themselves. I love how the bear clan members are affectionate with one another and celebrate the birth of children. I also enjoyed watching Silver’s character development as she struggled with her silence, and the give and take of what leaving it meant.

Overall, many character interactions in this book were enjoyable, but there were too many story lags and confusing plot points for me to give it a higher rating than three stars.

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