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Admittedly the first time I heard of Sarah Morgan USA Today Bestselling Author was when I was browsing the bookstore shelves looking for which book, I was going to read next. Lucky for me, Sarah’s novel The Christmas Sisters caught my eye. It was on one of the displays and was selling fast, so I figured why not? How lucky I was! Sarah is an extraordinary writer. Her novel was the first I read that wasn’t a true fantasy. It was raw and full of emotion.

Sarah Morgan Author
Meet Sarah Morgan.
Photo is from her official Goodreads account.

She has a way to transport a reader into feeling her character, and in my opinion, what makes her a great writer is the fact she knows the souls of her characters inside and out. There isn’t any angle she hasn’t thought about which I find really refreshing.

Some facts about Sarah Morgan is her books have sold 18 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 28 languages. She lives near London and after reading her biography, I found it interesting how she writes. Sarah doesn’t do a typical outline. She thinks of the story before she writes and if a dialogue triggers her knowledge of a character, she goes with that.

As an aspiring author, I do the same too. It only takes one piece of dialogue or one idea to grip onto a story and write for days. I definitely recommend checking out Sarah Morgan. Her novels are easy reads, fun, and heart-wrenching. You can really identify with the characters. You can find out more about Sarah on her website:
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