Playing the Palace by Paul Rudnick Review

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Playing the Palace by Paul Rudnick Review

Playing the Palace by Paul Rudnick Review is here. I will say if you enjoyed Boyfriend Material or Red, White & Royal Blue, I have the book recommendation for you.

Playing the Palace by Paul Rudnick
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What happens if you fall in love with the future King of England? Carter Ogden had a pity party of wallowing since he caught his ex-cheating. Starting to believe that maybe a fairytale ending is not for him, he attends a work event where the Crown Prince of England is speaking. Edgar is openly gay, next in line to the throne that Carter fantasized about growing up, but who hasn’t? Carter is confident he images sparks flying during their swoony-worthy meet-cute because he’s the Crown Prince. He has to be nice to everyone, right? The unlikely match will have to drop their guards as a whirlwind of obstacles is placed before them. With the challenge of a disapproving queen, the microscope of the media, and having his own self-doubt, Carter must work through the royal drama to obtain his happily ever after.

My thoughts:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Playing the Palace shows that everyone deserves their fairytale romance. Paul Rudnick hits the mark on portraying that in this story. This queer rom-com has swoon-worthy moments, cute one-liners, witty banter, cheesy laugh-out-loud instances, with an impossible plot that kept me begging for more. So many utterly corny scenes had me giggling loudly with a smile across my face throughout that I kept getting asked what I was reading.

Order your copy of Playing the Palace
Order your copy of Playing the Palace on Amazon!

The story is from the perspective of Carter Ogden. It tells the old tale of an American who dabbles with the British Royal Family. Some of my favorite aspects were the crazy cast of side characters, from the outrageous Queen who can’t remember Carter’s name to his sister, who is overly obsessed with her wedding dress. I loved how the writing was fast-paced and had over-the-top ridiculousness that you wouldn’t assume this story to be true.

I felt the author really went in with the royal trope and hit the nail on the head. Carter could sometimes be annoying. You wanted to yell at him for having so much self-doubt. Paul Rudnick shows the story of not letting your head get in the way of your heart, and sometimes our happily ever after is closer than we believe. Overall, I rate this book four stars and suggest picking up your copy today. If you have read this, I would love to hear your thoughts. Let me know what other Royal Romances I should add to my TBR.

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