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Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory is the fifth book in The Wedding Date series. You do not need to read the previous books in the series to be able to enjoy this one. Even though I see The Wedding Date series all over Bookstagram and Goodreads, this is my first book by Jasmine Guillory. 


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Olivia Monroe has moved back to Los Angeles from New York City to start a law firm with her best friend, Ellie. She was hesitant to make the leap, but she was also ready to be her own boss. For her first few weeks in LA, Olivia is staying at a hotel while she waits for her house to be ready. While sitting at the bar one night, a good looking man named Max starts to chat with her about one of her favorite things: desserts. Olivia lies about being a lawyer, telling Max she is an accountant. Although they really hit it off, neither of them exchange phone numbers. As she heads back to her hotel room, Olivia keeps thinking she recognizes Max, but can’t seem to place him. Later that evening, she sees him on TV and realizes he is a junior senator. 

Several weeks later at a fundraising benefit Olivia is attending, she runs into Max again. After being properly introduced, Max now knows where she works and is determined to get her to go on a date with him. Olivia is looking for a hook-up, but Max is looking for the real deal. Olivia agrees to go on a few dates, but she is not sure she can handle all of the media attention that comes with being a senator’s girlfriend. Will they be able to make it work, or is it just too much? 

Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory

Genre: Fiction/Romance

Olivia is a hard-working lawyer who has paved her own way. Max is a state senator with a high-profile job. The two meet one night at a hotel bar and sparks begin to fly, but can they keep a relationship going with such intense jobs? 

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I really enjoyed the dates Olivia and Max went on. Max always came up with fun creative outings like hiking, picnics, bowling, and even a trip to Hawaii. Olivia and Max were all about food: burgers, tacos and desserts. While reading this book, I was constantly hungry! 

Chandler with Party of Two
Contributor Chandler with Party of Two!

I loved how this book addressed important issues like Black women in the workplace, interracial relationships, and how to help kids stay out of the judicial system. My favorite part of this book was the relationship between Ellie and Olivia. Ellie was such a supportive friend who wanted what was best for Olivia, even if that meant their business wouldn’t necessarily thrive. 

Although there were some steamy moments and fun dates, I did not feel any chemistry between Olivia and Max. Both characters were fine individually, but I did not find there was any emotional pull between them. Max is a Type B personality who goes with the flow and lives life on the edge. He makes decisions on the spot.  Olivia has a Type A personality, where every decision she makes is calculated. While opposites do attract, these two truly didn’t seem like they should even be together. This book dragged until the last few chapters when the conflict took place. But since I already felt like they shouldn’t be a couple, the conflict confirmed that and made me angry. However, this book did make me glad that no one in my family is in politics. While someone has to do it, politics can definitely be a toxic environment. 

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