Ombre Sparkle for New Years

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE EVE! It’s almost 2017 and that means our last nail design of 2016 has to be SPARKLES!
I have to say if you haven’t tried the nude polish trend you definitely need too. Depending on your taste you can go as light or dark on the nude color palette as you like. I prefer a nude that is a little darker because I like to see a little touch of color.
For New Years I’m doing to do the nude basecoat and then add sparkle on the nails towards the back and do an ombre sparkle. I simply love this look for New Years. It’s simple but also adds a fun sparkle touch that I love.
Why not add some sparkle to your look for New Years?! What trend are you wearing for New Years? Do you love the nude and glitter trend?

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