My Healthy Snack Suggestions

Okay so bikini season is literally right around the corner. It seems like each day I wake up it’s creeping up closer and closer.
That means it’s frenzy time to pick out the best bikinis for those beach vacations, and to jumpstart that bikini ready body!
Over the past few weeks I have been trying to determine what foods would jumpstart my metabolism and be a healthier choice. I know the celebrity diets are either way to extreme or really aren’t true because I’ve never found them to work.
I definitely always eat breakfast. I go for fruit or cereal sometimes even yogurt in the morning. I always eat a lighter lunch, usually a ‘continental’ style is what my friends call it. Then I always eat a larger dinner. I snack throughout the day on fruit and definitely always POPCORN! That’s definitely a weakness and I can tell you at the grocery store now they have to many different popcorn selections!
For dinner I always eat something from every food group and never forget dessert! Usually it’s chocolate chip cookies and milk!
So to get bikini ready I suggest to definitely not stress! Don’t worry about losing weight or anything and definitely don’t starve yourself!
Moderate what you eat and eat a healthy diet! That’s what I’m doing to get in bikini ready season!
WHAT ARE YOU FOOD SUGGESTIONS?! What’s WORKED FOR YOU?! Some of mine are below!
1. Scrambled Eggs
2. Fruit(Apples, Bananas, Oranges, pineapple, etc).
3. Granola
4. Yogurt

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  1. Maybe a trail mix of different nuts , Greek yogurt, fruit and veggie smoothies, lemon water, dried fruit with no sugar, veggie burgers if u don’t wanna eat a lot of meats and quinoa or brown rice for pasta and white rice substitutes

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