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Magic in Blood is about a fantasy world where there are magical creatures called blood mages and soul mages, and they hate each other.


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One morning in the Kingdom of Meris at the Royal Palace, the Rithlorens (the blood mages Royal family) received word that the King Alaeric Thaegan of Lysmir was on his way with other members of the court to declare war in two weeks’ time. When King Alaeric arrived, he said that his daughter was murdered by a blood curse that could only be done by a blood mage. The Queen and her daughter, Princess Sivrehya, assured the King that the mark he presented was not one of theirs. The only thing that bothers Sivrehya is that the blood sign that was found over King Alaeric’s daughter was not the correct symbol. It was slightly different from one a blood mage would use with an added line. During this visit, the other daughter, Princess Rhiannyn, comes down to inform them that the King has now died. His soul was taken from him, which can only mean a soul mage was to blame. The King of Lysmir and his family are Soul Mages, so they are immediately accused. 

When The King of Lysmir arrives back at his Royal Court, his son, Prince Ivar Theagan informs the King that while the King of Meris appeared like his soul had been taken from him, his eyes lacked the blackness that usually follows after. He starts to think that possibly the Rithlorens did not murder his sister, and they were all set up.

After some research, Princess Sivrehya also becomes suspicious of what really happened to the King. She realizes she needs to go to The Twin Cities to look for a magical creature, the Neithisis, who will be able to tell her the truth about the deaths. The only problem is that this creature may or may not still exist. She has two weeks until war breaks out between the two Kingdoms, so she is on a strict timeline. While she is in the Twin Cities, she bumps into no other than Prince Ivar. After trying to kill each other a few times, they agree to work together to find the Neithisis. 

They receive access to the Library and start to look up information on this mythical creature. While digging up information, Princess Sivrehya discovers that hundreds of years ago, the same thing happened. It isn’t until after Prince Ivar finds himself in a tough situation and Princess Sivrehya saves his life that they decide to put aside their differences. Even though they tell themselves it’s just so they can kill the other one on the battlefield later. Not long after their truce, they get attacked by chaos mages. Chaos mages were thought to be extinct because Prince Ivar and Princess Sivrehya’s kingdoms had destroyed them years ago. However, knowing they are still around, the two find themselves suspecting who was behind the deaths of their family members.

When they finally get to the Neithisis, it is a much harder battle than they thought, and their suspicions are confirmed. The Chaos Mages are responsible for the deaths. They leave each other to go back to their kingdoms and families to try to explain and stop the impending war. When Princess Sivrehya gets word from Prince Ivar that his father refuses to believe him, she walks right into a deadly trap. Will Princess Sivrehya survive long enough to stop this unnecessary war? 


Book Review of Magic in Blood
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Magic in Blood was an awesome read that had me escaping into its world. While it may seem like there was a lot of detail in this book, I found it easy to follow and understand. I never felt lost or pulled out of the worldbuilding while I read. The dual POVs between Prince Ivar and Princess Sivreyah allowed me to get to know the characters and feel a connection to them. The only thing that has me giving this book four stars instead of five is that I would have loved it if there had been a touch of romance between Prince Ivar and Princess Sivrehya. There are hints of it shown here and there through stolen glances or smirks, and it is clear that their friendship is building throughout the story into more, but it is never more than that. I do hope the second book has more of a developing relationship between these characters.

On the huge plus side, this book was left on a CRAZY cliffhanger that has me knowing I will be starting the second book soon. I have to know what happens! It was a quick read for me, and I really enjoyed it! If you enjoy fantasy, this is the book for you. 

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Magic in Blood by Mayté Losada

Magic in Blood is about a fantasy world where there are magical creatures called blood mages and soul mages, and they hate each other.


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