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After reading Kingdom of the Wicked last year and loving it, I immediately bought Kingdom of the Cursed. I was dying to know where the story went. However, I was unable to fully immerse myself in the book until this October. Timing wise, it ended up coinciding with the release of Kingdom of the Feared, the conclusion to this trilogy. I was ready to get back into this world of the Wicked with Wrath and Emilia.

Warning: May contain spoilers for book one of this series Kingdom of the Wicked

Quick Kingdom of the Wicked (Book 1) synopsis:

In Kingdom of the Wicked, when her twin Vittoria is brutally murdered, a heartbroken and angry Emilia summons a demon Prince of Hell to help her solve the crime. She learns that her sister is not the only witch murdered. Working with the demon, Wrath, Emilia finds herself thrust into a world of curses and secrets that threaten the foundation of everything her life is built on.

Wrath and Emilia are romantically drawn to each other, but a betrayal and secret betrothal force Emilia to make a deal with House Pride, the devil himself.  But not before she learns she has already irreversibly tied herself to Wrath. She sells her soul and must become his wife in the Seven Circles of Hell. This book concludes with Emilia and Wrath at the gates of Hell, ready to begin their journey. 


Kingdom of the Cursed immediately follows the events of Kingdom of the Wicked. Emilia follows her escort Wrath into the Seven Circles of Hell to seek revenge for her sister’s brutal murder. Wrath is tasked with bringing Emilia to Pride’s court to become Queen of the Wicked. Despite her initial reluctance, Emilia soon finds herself entranced by the seductive world of the Wicked and their scheming games. Will she ever find out which of the Wicked houses was behind her sister’s murder? Or will she lose herself to her own wicked and sinful desires? Emilia must trust no one and stay aware of evils much stronger than the Princes of Hell.

Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerry Maniscalco

Genre: Fiction/Fantasy

In the epic sequel to Kingdom of the Wicked, Emilia, escorted by Wrath, enters the Seven Circles of Hell to become Queen of the Wicked. But all is not as it seems in these deadly sinful houses. Promised to Prince Pride, Emilia still finds herself drawn to Wrath in every way as she navigates the scheming courts of Hell. Will she finally bring her sister’s murderer to justice? Or will she be lost in her family’s secrets and ancient curses as old as the first witch herself? 

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The steamy tension between Wrath and Emilia sets the tone for this book. Despite feeling utterly betrayed by Wrath in book one, Emilia still finds herself sinfully drawn to him. The steamy scenes were tantalizing and left both Emilia and me desperate for more of Wrath.

Wrath’s plans and intentions remain a mystery, but he shows his weakness for Emilia again and again. He threatens violence and death to anyone who even thinks about speaking unkind words towards Emilia. The shift from the real world to Hell was a welcome change from the previous book. The author beautifully painted dark settings of crystal castles, forbidden forests, and witchy, magical items.

It was wicked and enchanting. I loved the descriptions of the prince’s palaces. Maniscalco was successful in creating this world of sin. I recommend this book for anyone who wants slow, burning tension between characters who constantly deny their attraction for each other. With spells and magic, enchanted skulls, and demon princes who do not play fair, this book is a perfect spooky season read for fantasy romance lovers. 

Wrath is extremely deadly and powerful. He is a dominating presence and force to be reckoned with. The way he takes charge of the room bleeds danger and is what I love in a strong, antihero love interest. Wrath and Emilia hold their own in this book, but the side characters, and especially the other house princes, do not disappoint. Unveiling the secrets and connecting the dots throughout this story was a wild and enjoyable ride.

I gave this book four stars because I am not fond of the shift from young adult to more adult content in the middle of a series (even though I prefer more adult reads). I also took off a star for the pacing slowing in the middle of the story. I was not sure where the plot was headed, but the ending, and Emilia’s brashness and boldness, turned it around for me. I cannot wait to dive into the third and final book, which is out now. Emilia and Wrath are such a wickedly delightful pair and I’m excited to see how their story ends.

While this book is intended for older audiences, it is not overly heavy in triggering thematic elements.

Witches and demons always make the perfect fall and spooky season reads. Have you started this trilogy? Should I follow up with a review of book three? 

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