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Lead Contributors are responsible for attending ‘monthly’ pitch meetings in which they prepare to ‘pitch’ which book or books they will review for the month. They are responsible for longer articles and photography of the books. The articles include an original synopsis of the book and your review. Contributors also have the opportunity to contribute articles to the ‘what’s trending,’ ‘bookstagram trend,’ and ‘book recs’ sections of the website. Lead contributors have 2 to 5 weeks to submit their articles to be featured on the site.

Contributors are responsible for submitting a 250-300 word review of a book monthly that is already reviewed on the website. The review will be shared within its own section of the article.

Both lead contributors and contributors gain experience with pitching articles and getting their work edited by the HeyitsCarlyRae Editing Team.

HeyitsCarlyRae strives to have every contributor keep their own style in their article. While there is a recommended format, it is important not to lose ‘you’ in the article.

*Important note* Review your work carefully. Do your best on your own to make sure the work you submit to the editing team is the strongest it can be. Don’t rush through writing. Dedicate a week or more before submitting your work.

All applicants start as contributors, and if they would like to be considered as a lead, they can let the HeyitsCarlyRae Team know. Our lead contributors are not only leaders in the book community like all our contributors. They also possess strong writing abilities and are eager to spread their joy of books to the community.

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What do I get if I’m a Contributor?

Contributors gain access to the HEYITSCARLYRAE platform, which boosts over 150K social media followers and a website that receives over 280K monthly page views. You get to see your articles/reviews published on a professional website while having a bio of your profile linked to your social media. Lead contributors gain their own page listing all the articles they’ve written and published on HEYITSCARLYRAE.com

You also gain access to exclusive author chats each month, virtual bookish retreats, and exclusive books from publishers such as Berkley, Random House, and more.

Contributors gain knowledge by having our editing team edit their work in a unique mentorship program that allows them to strengthen their writing. This allows editors to thrive both within the HeyitsCarlyRae Contributor program and outside in your everyday writing.

Gain exclusive access to HEYITSCARLYRAE book review training guide.

Can anyone apply?

In short, YES. Contributors range from undergraduate students to graduate students to moms to librarians, and more. Our diverse group allows us to get all different opinions and views on books.

Our team does not base anything on the number of followers or likes you get on social media. It is all about your passion for the reading and writing community!

Meet Our Lead Contributors

Nicki C.


Nicki has loved reading ever since her mom started reading chapters of Harry Potter aloud to her when she was in elementary school. As she was finishing nursing school at the end of 2020, her best friend insisted she get on Tiktok because there were other people there who loved reading and ACOTAR as much as she did. What started as a mild Sarah J. Maas obsession from 2017 morphed into finding a whole community of fantasy lovers. Now Nicki loves unboxing books, making silly bookish videos, and finding new authors and books with her 14.5k followers. Nicki might have been the weird girl in school, a little obsessed with Halloween and wearing black, but now she gets to share her love of reading while feeling true to herself. Nicki wholly immerses herself into the books she loves and is a part of many nerdy fandoms. If Nicki isn’t reading, she’s planning what to read next and teaching her love of books to both of her young children. She loves most genres from fantasy to contemporary, but anything spicy romance holds a special place in her heart.

Fun Facts: Nicki is a mom of two humans and four pets (all animals and children have nerdy names). She grew up doing competitive dance while also being a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Nicki is a true former emo kid (and still listens to 90s and 2000s music almost exclusively), and she believes book shopping and book reading are two very different hobbies.

Favorite Genres: fantasy, romance, fantasy romance, spicy books, and young adult fantasy.

Favorite Authors: Raven Kennedy, Tessa Bailey, Sarah J. Maas, Stephanie Garber, K.A. Tucker, Lucy Score, Amanda Bouchet, Grace Draven, Brigid Kemmerer, and Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Connect with Nicki on Instagram: @StarsEternal182

Vinsci F.


Vinsci’s dad first inspired her to read. She used to read Newsweek, Times, National Geographic, Reader’s Digest, and eventually moved on to Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High. She also fell in love with the Harry Potter series and every year she waited for its publication day with great anticipation. Her Hogwarts letter never came though, so she heals Muggles instead, working as an urgent care nurse. Reading has brought her joy and escape–most especially after a long shift. When she is not working or reading, Vinsci loves to spend time with her two boys.

Fun Facts: Vinsci collects Funko Pops, especially Harry Potter ones. She is a fan of the Kpop band BTS, and Kim Taehyung is her bias. Throne of Glass is her second favorite series and Rowan Whitethorn is her book boyfriend. She loves boba milk teas, any kind of pasta dish, and ramen. Even though she left the night shift 10 years ago, she remains to be a night owl.

Favorite Genres: fantasy, romantic comedy, contemporary romance, thriller and historical fiction

Favorite Authors: Katherine Center, Abby Jimenez, Christina Lauren, Jenny Bayliss, Ali Hazelwood, Alice Feeney, Colleen Hoover and Sarah J. Maas

Connect with Vinsci on Instagram: @vinurse_reads

Jennifer G.

Editor and Contributor

Jennifer fell in love with reading at a young age, thanks to her first grade teacher who brought a real wooden rowboat into the classroom and filled it to the brim with books. Jennifer spent many hours in “the book boat” traveling to new worlds in her imagination. Later, as a young teen, Jennifer would sneak R.L. Stine novels into her bedroom and read them late at night under the covers with a flashlight. When The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks debuted, Jennifer lost her heart to the romance genre and a string of book boyfriends who set the bar high for her real life romantic adventures. At last, Jennifer starred in her very own office romance when she met her husband. They now share a precocious preschooler who loves books almost as much as Jennifer. She also has a doberman, a golden retriever, and a very large, fluffy cat.

Jennifer’s love language is helping others discover their next favorite read. She belongs to two in-person book clubs and is always lending out her books. Jennifer reads all genres, but her favorite books are filled with adventure, romance, and a strong female lead who follows her heart.

Fun Facts: Jennifer has many artistic hobbies. She once spent over two years replicating an ancient Roman mosaic by hand-cutting thousands of pieces of ceramic tile. Jennifer lives in Atlanta, but was born in San Diego and loves shocking her husband by always ordering pineapple on her pizza. Jennifer is a full-time working mom who is never without a cup of coffee.

Favorite Genres: historical fiction, romance, fantasy, magical realism, women’s fiction, and thrillers that are more spooky than scary

Favorite Authors: Kate Quinn, Emily Henry, Evie Dunmore, Simone St. James, Fredrik Backman, Sarah J. Maas, Nicholas Sparks, and Alice Hoffman.

Connect with Jennifer on Instagram: @shereadsatnaptime

Kara V.


Kara has always loved to read. From waiting outside Barnes and Noble for the newest Harry Potter release, to spending Saturdays searching the library shelves, reading has been a passion of hers since childhood. These days her life is a little more chaotic. She is married with three young children, and works as a pediatric nurse at her local children’s hospital. Reading has become her escape and a way to decompress after a long day. In Kara’s opinion, there is nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with a snack and a good book.

Fun Facts: Kara loves to road bike and is training for a 100 mile race next year. She is addicted to reality cooking shows and HGTV, and has some crazy DIY home renovations planned for the future. When she’s not reading or biking, Kara is in the kitchen pretending to be the next great Master Chef. Kara currently lives in Boise, Idaho, and loves hiking in the nearby foothills and mountains.

Favorite Genres: contemporary romance, historical romance, contemporary fiction, thrillers, historical fiction, memoirs, and nonfiction (but she will read just about anything!)

Favorite Authors: Abby Jimenez, Denise Williams, Tessa Bailey, Kristan Higgins, Nora Roberts, Christina Lauren, Lauren Layne, Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, and Malcolm Gladwell

Connect with Kara on Instagram: @karas_reads

Chandler M.


Chandler has a Bachelor’s degree in Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Science, and a Masters in Educational Leadership. She began her career as a teacher and then became a School Improvement Specialist. In late 2019 she had a baby, and then in 2020 the pandemic hit. She ended up not returning to work and staying home with her son. Then in 2021, Chandler and her husband welcomed their second son into the world. While she loved her children, she began to feel like she was losing part of herself to motherhood. Chandler started reading and it helped fill the missing hole and the loneliness that had been festering since she left her job. As her bookshelf started to grow, so did her happiness. Now with Bookstagram and teaching science part time, Chandler has found the stay at home mom balance to be much easier.

Fun Facts: Chandler is a rock and mineral collector. She loves to run and has completed one full marathon as well as three half-marathons so far. Chandler can read four to six books on a good week. Chandler married her high-school sweetheart.

Favorite Genres: thrillers, mysteries, romance, rom coms, fantasy, contemporary fiction

Favorite Authors: Sarah Adams, Ruth Ware, Sarah J. Maas, Elle Kennedy, Lisa Jewel, Emily Henry, Colleen Hoover, Abby Jimenez, Paula Hawkins

Connect with Chandler on Instagram: @chapterswithchan

Kelsey H.


Kelsey first discovered her love for reading in the seventh grade. That was the first time she felt overcome with emotion while reading and wanted to feel that way again and again. She gives credit to The Giver by Lois Lowry for jumpstarting her passion for books. A lot of time has passed since then and, for a time, she put her books down to focus on motherhood. In mid-2021, she picked up Verity by Colleen Hoover, and her passion for books was reignited. Looking for others to talk to about the books she was reading, Kelsey found the bookstagram corner of the internet in early 2022. This community has been a wonderful place for her to share her joy with others. She has met many amazing fellow book lovers on Instagram and in the HeyitsCarlyRae book community. She enjoys chatting with others, book challenges, and learning about new authors.

Fun Facts: Kelsey is a mom of two boys who are being molded into tiny readers. She is a Disney fanatic whose favorite character is Dug from Up. Her coffee mug collection is almost as impressive as her book shelf. When she is not reading, she enjoys listening to true-crime podcasts.

Favorite Genres: Rom-coms, Romance, Thrillers, Mystery, Fantasy

Favorite Authors: Colleen Hoover, Emily Henry, Lisa Jewell, Sarah J. Maas, Christina Lauren, and Tessa Bailey

Connect with Kelsey on IG: @whatiskelsreading

Andrea Smoley

Lead Contributor

Andrea began reading during long drives to gymnastics meets in elementary school and when her teachers did circle time and read aloud their favorites like Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach and Judy Blume’s Superfudge.  Her taste diversified thanks to her seventh grade math teacher who read aloud the first Harry Potter book by J.K. Rowling and then continued to give Andrea great recommendations when they discovered their shared love of reading.A

Andrea is a high school science teacher, wife, and mother who loves curling up in her egg chair at the beginning of the day with her current read and coffee, or at the end of the day with her book and golden retriever. 

Fun Facts:  Andrea loves all things genetics.  Discussing all things genetics with her students is one of the best parts of her day. 

Favorite Genre: contemporary romance, romantic comedy, literary fiction, fantasy, and some nonfiction, but loves to read pretty much anything someone else is passionate about (so recommendations are always welcome)! 

Favorite Authors: Kim Holden, Chloe Liese, Fredrik Backman, Anthony Doerr, Jodi Picoult, B.K. Borison, V.E. Schwab, Sarah J. Maas, Deborah Harkness, and Chloe Neill.


Connect with Andrea on IG: @smoreads

Natalie B.


Natalie has loved reading since she was a kid when she first read Amelia Bedilia. Her love for reading continued to grow when she found the Harry Potter series and she’s been hooked ever since. Natalie joined bookstagram in February of 2022 as a way to start reviewing books and connect with fellow book lovers. Since joining bookstagram, her book reviews and staging have expanded, as has her bookish community. She loves reading romance and is a sucker for an enemies-to-lovers trope. Natalie is currently working on writing her first novel and is enjoying the process. She loves connecting with authors and fellow bookish besties and is grateful for the community that had welcomed her with open arms.

Fun Facts: Natalie enjoys singing and musical theatre and is hoping to live out her dream role of playing Tracy from Hairspray. She loves watermelon and tacos. She’s a sucker for cake and works as a mental health therapist in her everyday life.

Favorite Genres: romance, rom-coms, sports romance, historical romance, thriller, mystery, and contemporary romance

Favorite Authors: Tessa Bailey, Elle Kennedy, Abby Jimenez, Dylan Newton, Nora Roberts, Nicholas Sparks and Christina Lauren

Connect with Natalie on IG: @nats_bookventures

Jessica B.

Editor-in-Chief and Contributor

Jessica fell in love with books as a child, but reading Anne of Green Gables and The Hobbit in middle school forever cemented her as an avid bibliophile. Jessica loves reading and writing so much that she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Professional Writing and now works as a full-time magazine editor and freelance copyeditor. She joined Instagram in 2018 as a way to share books that she and her children love, but as they got too cool for mom, Jessica started growing her own bookstagram platform. 

Somehow functioning equally as both an introvert and extrovert (at least according to Myers-Briggs) Jessica never meets a stranger, but her favorite thing to do is sit at home alone with a good book, a warm cup of coffee and autumn-scented candles burning while her dogs rest at her feet. She will give just about any book a try, though she prefers books that have happily ever afters.

Fun Facts: Jessica is the mom to four human children and two dog children. She lives in Cincinnati, where she helps lead a large book club formed entirely of people she met through bookstagram. Although she’s originally from Louisiana, she loves living in the Midwest where she can experience all four seasons. In addition to reading constantly, Jessica is an published author.

Favorite Genres: romance, rom-coms, fantasy, science-fiction, young adult, speculative fiction, graphic novels

Favorite Authors: Neil Gaiman, Sara J. Maas, Emily Henry, Shea Ernshaw, Sarah Adams, Abby Jimenez

Connect with Jessica on Instagram: @readbelievelove

Lindsey S.

Editor and Contributor

Lindsey fell in love with reading at a young age, crushing the Accelerated Reading program at her elementary school every year. However, it wasn’t until she discovered The Babysitters Club series that her book obsession truly began. In third grade, after writing a 17-page fan-fic about the book Bunnicula, Lindsey also discovered her passion for writing, and has been churning out stories ever since (thankfully, they’ve gotten a LOT better over the years.) Upon returning home from college at Michigan State University, Lindsey landed a job as a library page and has steadily climbed the bookshelves since 2010. She is now a full-time adult services librarian. Being surrounded by books has fostered her love of reading while introducing her to new authors and fascinating stories. At the beginning of 2021, Lindsey joined the Bookstagram community. Later that year, she took a chance and applied to be a HeyItsCarlyRae Influencer and was accepted! She has greatly enjoyed the friendships the program has forged and the support she’s found amongst this amazing group of women. Lindsey looks forward to further developing relationships with authors and readers within the Bookstagram community.

Fun Facts: Lindsey’s first flight ever was to Paris, France. She bought her first house in 2020, closing on it a week before lockdown started. Before beginning to work full-time at the library, she worked as a bookmobile librarian (it was awesome). She is currently writing the final book in her YA fantasy trilogy!

Favorite Genres: thriller / mystery, fantasy, contemporary fiction, spicy romance

Favorite Authors: Chelsea Cain, Chuck Palahniuck, Abbi Glines, Tahereh Mafi, Joe Hill, Riley Sager, Victoria (V.E.) Schwab, Lisa Regan, TJ Klune, Louisa Luna, Grady Hendrix

Connect with Lindsey on Instagram: @lindsey.the.librarian

Felicia C.

Lead Contributor

Felicia’s reading journey began when she discovered the world of Nancy Drew in elementary school.  She quickly moved from the adventures of the young sleuth to the world of Harry Potter and fondly remembers standing in midnight release lines to get her hands on the latest installment from the Wizarding World.  She put fiction on the backburner when she became a mom (times three) and spent a few years picking up parenting books sporadically, but at the start of the pandemic everything changed.  After a recommendation from a friend and with some extra free time on her hands, Felicia dove headfirst into the world of romance books and hasn’t looked back since. Felicia joined Bookstagram in early 2022 and loves the friendships and connections she’s found there. In her free time, you can find Felicia with a latte in one hand and a book in the other. 

Fun Facts: Felicia is a mom to three boys and resides in Kentucky.  When she’s not reading, you can find her thrift shopping or baking.  Felicia participated in the Disney College Program during undergrad and still loves all things Disney.

Favorite Genres: Romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Spicy Romance, Thriller, and Mystery!

Favorite Authors: Ana Huang, Julia Quinn, Sarah J. Maas, Abby Jiminez, Kennedy Ryan and Melanie Harlow


Connect with Felicia on Instagram @feliciaisbooked

Cindy J.


Cindy has always been a book lover and fondly remembers receiving books from her family as a young child. She proudly displayed them on her bookshelf built by her grandfather. One of her classes in junior high required keeping a reading log and when her teacher gave positive feedback on her progress, she felt motivated to read more books! When Cindy’s children grew older, she found more time to read and quickly jumped onto social media to discuss books with fellow reading enthusiasts. There she found so many wonderful readers and authors and discovered a renewed passion for the bookish world.

Fun Facts: Even though Cindy has lived in the South most of her adult life, she will always be a Chicago native at heart. She resides in North Carolina with her husband and three sons. Cindy is always on the lookout for the perfect book photo for her Instagram page. She loves to travel, but also enjoys being a homebody.

Favorite Genres: mystery/suspense/thrillers, Scandi noir, true crime, historical fiction and contemporary fiction

Favorite Authors: Susan Meissner, Liane Moriarity, Will Dean, Stieg Larson, Ann Rule, Therese Ane Fowler, Lisa Jewell, Stephanie Dray

Connect with Cindy on Instagram: @groundedinreads

Sarah B.


Sarah has always been into reading, especially as a child when her parents read Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein books to her. Sarah finished books so fast her English teacher couldn’t keep up. After high school ended, life took off and books fell to the wayside. About two  years ago, after having two children with her husband Jim, Sarah finally found her way back to books. The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah really drew her back into reading. At the beginning of 2022, Sarah found bookstagram and the rest is history! She loves meeting so many new people in this community, enjoys everyone’s book recommendations and has fun taking photos of books.  

Fun Facts:  Sarah has worked in the restaurant business since she was 14. She started as a dishwasher at her family’s diner, then worked as a waitress, bartender, and then eventually as manager. She has two children she loves dearly, but who also make her crazy every day. She has lived in New York her whole life and wouldn’t move because she loves having all four seasons. Sarah is now obsessed with rom-coms and had never read one until bookstagram!

Favorite Genres:  historical fiction, rom-coms, romance, thrillers and contemporary fiction

Favorite Authors:  Kristin Hannah, Wally Lamb, Taylor Jenkins Reid, Gillian Flynn, and J.D. Salinger

Connect with Sarah B. on Instagram: @bookish_sbe

Summer Edmonds

Summer E.


Summer has been a lifelong avid reader thanks to her Grandfather, who taught her to read before she started Kindergarten. Even as a child, Summer never left home without a book in hand. In high school, she fell in love with the classics and spent her summer breaks voraciously reading through her honors English reading list. In college, she met and married another bibliophile, and they have two sons. Summer is very passionate about childhood literacy and passed down her love of reading to her sons. Summer’s oldest son is on the autism spectrum, so she is also passionate about advocating for the autism community.   Summer joined Instagram in 2020 to connect with more book lovers. Joining bookstagram reignited her passion for reading. She has met so many friends and loves meeting new people on Instagram to talk about books with. Summer proudly resides in Kentucky, where she works at a local university and also attends their graduate program to further her career in human services.

Fun Facts: Summer loves to bake and is a huge fan of The Great British Baking Show. Aside from reading and baking, she enjoys doing hand embroidery. She also has a Balinese cat named Luna, who is her reading, baking, and sewing sidekick!

Favorite Genres: Literary fiction, contemporary fiction, thriller/mystery, horror, classics, women’s fiction, romance, and nonfiction.

Favorite Authors: Ernest Hemingway, Emily St John Mandel, Celeste Ng, Kristin Hannah, Jennifer McMahon, Alice Feeney, Grady Hendrix, and Colleen Hoover

Connect with Sarah B. on Instagram: @summer_reads1

Zoe Sage

Lead Contributor

Zoe fell in love with reading as a child when she inherited her family’s beloved collection of the Nancy Drew series. She spent middle and high school volunteering at her local library, and is currently completing a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature at Boston University. Zoe joined Instagram in 2022 to connect with fellow book lovers and has found a passion in sharing her book reviews, annotations, and bookish opinions with her friends and followers. 

Fun Facts: Zoe is secretly a huge math nerd. She loves pausing during books and movies to work out any math problems that are mentioned. When she’s not reading or studying, she loves exploring the city and finding new independent bookstores to frequent. 

Favorite Genres: young adult, fantasy, mystery, thriller

Favorite Authors: Kiera Cass, Lisa Regan, Jane Austen, Christelle Dabos, Holly Black

Connect with Zoe on Instagram: @calculatedliterature

Our Contributors

Maria R.

I’m a mum of three kids who loves to read every genre possible. I love strong coffee, and collecting books. I work in IT so reading it’s my escape.

Katie H.

I work as a Digital Marketing Coordinator and am a momma to two sweet kitties. I have a never-ending TBR, a coffee addiction, and reading in the afternoon glow.

Sharon S.

Sharon lives in Aurora, ON (a proud Canadian)  with her husband and her three dogs. She has been hosting a book club for the past five years with her friends. Her day job involves helping people find their dream home. She reads 75 books a year and occasionally listens to audio books.

Becka W.

While I adore fairytale retellings, I also love snuggling up with a thriller, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, or smut book. I enjoy traveling and always try local pizza anywhere I visit.

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