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HEYITSCARLYRAE Editors receive the opportunity to share their love of editing on HEYITSCARLYRAE.COM. They get the ability to edit articles and work one-on-one with fellow contributors. Editors are responsible for developmental edits on articles as well as line edits. Due to the high volume of editor applications, not every application will get a direct response. However, if you get a confirmation email, we did receive your application.

What’s in it for me?

Editors will be linked on every article they edit on HEYITSCARLYRAE.com, which boosts over 150K social media followers and a website that receives over 280K monthly page views. They receive exclusive bookish goodies quarterly and are able to say they are a “HEYITSCARLYRAE Editor.” This allows editors to get new opportunities outside the program. Editors also gain access to HEYITSCARLYRAE editing retreats that happen twice a year. In the virtual retreats, editors from publishing houses join in to talk all about editing while giving tips to help you strengthen your editing.

You also gain access to exclusive author chats each month!

The editors gain knowledge that allows them to be a part of an editing mentorship program working closely alongside professional editors. This allows you to thrive both in the program and outside, gaining tips to help you strengthen your writing.

Gain exclusive access to HEYITSCARLYRAE book review training guide.

Can anyone apply?

In short, YES. Editors range from undergraduate students to graduate students to professional editors to freelance editors. Our diverse group of editors work together as a team to help each other strive. 

Meet Our Editors

Jessica R.

Editor-in-Chief and Contributor

Jessica fell in love with books as a child, but reading Anne of Green Gables and The Hobbit in middle school forever cemented her as an avid bibliophile. Jessica loves reading and writing so much that she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Professional Writing and now works as a full-time magazine editor and freelance copyeditor. She joined Instagram in 2018 as a way to share books that she and her children love, but as they got too cool for mom, Jessica started growing her own bookstagram platform. 

Somehow functioning equally as both an introvert and extrovert (at least according to Myers-Briggs) Jessica never meets a stranger, but her favorite thing to do is sit at home alone with a good book, a warm cup of coffee and autumn-scented candles burning while her dogs rest at her feet. She will give just about any book a try, though she prefers books that have happily ever afters.

Fun Facts: Jessica is the mom to four human children and two dog children. She lives in Cincinnati, where she helps lead a large book club formed entirely of people she met through bookstagram. Although she’s originally from Louisiana, she loves living in the Midwest where she can experience all four seasons. In addition to reading constantly, Jessica is a published author.

Favorite Genres: romance, rom-coms, fantasy, science-fiction, young adult, speculative fiction, graphic novels

Favorite Authors: Neil Gaiman, Sara J. Maas, Emily Henry, Shea Ernshaw, Sarah Adams, Abby Jimenez

Connect with Jessica on Instagram: @readbelievelove

Lindsey S.

Editor and Contributor

Lindsey fell in love with reading at a young age, crushing the Accelerated Reading program at her elementary school every year. However, it wasn’t until she discovered The Babysitters Club series that her book obsession truly began. In third grade, after writing a 17-page fan-fic about the book Bunnicula, Lindsey also discovered her passion for writing, and has been churning out stories ever since (thankfully, they’ve gotten a LOT better over the years.) Upon returning home from college at Michigan State University, Lindsey landed a job as a library page and has steadily climbed the bookshelves since 2010. She is now a full-time adult services librarian. Being surrounded by books has fostered her love of reading while introducing her to new authors and fascinating stories. At the beginning of 2021, Lindsey joined the Bookstagram community. Later that year, she took a chance and applied to be a HeyItsCarlyRae Influencer and was accepted! She has greatly enjoyed the friendships the program has forged and the support she’s found amongst this amazing group of women. Lindsey looks forward to further developing relationships with authors and readers within the Bookstagram community.

Fun Facts: Lindsey’s first flight ever was to Paris, France. She bought her first house in 2020, closing on it a week before lockdown started. Before beginning to work full-time at the library, she worked as a bookmobile librarian (it was awesome). She is currently writing the final book in her YA fantasy trilogy!

Favorite Genres: thriller / mystery, fantasy, contemporary fiction, spicy romance

Favorite Authors: Chelsea Cain, Chuck Palahniuck, Abbi Glines, Tahereh Mafi, Joe Hill, Riley Sager, Victoria (V.E.) Schwab, Lisa Regan, TJ Klune, Louisa Luna, Grady Hendrix

Connect with Lindsey on Instagram: @lindsey.the.librarian

Jennifer G.

Editor and Contributor

Jennifer fell in love with reading at a young age, thanks to her first grade teacher who brought a real wooden rowboat into the classroom and filled it to the brim with books. Jennifer spent many hours in “the book boat” traveling to new worlds in her imagination. Later, as a young teen, Jennifer would sneak R.L. Stine novels into her bedroom and read them late at night under the covers with a flashlight. When The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks debuted, Jennifer lost her heart to the romance genre and a string of book boyfriends who set the bar high for her real life romantic adventures. At last, Jennifer starred in her very own office romance when she met her husband. They now share a precocious preschooler who loves books almost as much as Jennifer. She also has a doberman, a golden retriever, and a very large, fluffy cat.

Jennifer’s love language is helping others discover their next favorite read. She belongs to two in-person book clubs and is always lending out her books. Jennifer reads all genres, but her favorite books are filled with adventure, romance, and a strong female lead who follows her heart.

Fun Facts: Jennifer has many artistic hobbies. She once spent over two years replicating an ancient Roman mosaic by hand-cutting thousands of pieces of ceramic tile. Jennifer lives in Atlanta, but was born in San Diego and loves shocking her husband by always ordering pineapple on her pizza. Jennifer is a full-time working mom who is never without a cup of coffee.

Favorite Genres: historical fiction, romance, fantasy, magical realism, women’s fiction, and thrillers that are more spooky than scary

Favorite Authors: Kate Quinn, Emily Henry, Evie Dunmore, Simone St. James, Fredrik Backman, Sarah J. Maas, Nicholas Sparks, and Alice Hoffman.

Connect with Jennifer on Instagram: @shereadsatnaptime

Frequently Asked Questions

An editor is passionate about strengthening a writer’s work. They love to offer editing notes and shine a light on a writer’s work to make it reader-friendly and as strong as it can possibly be. Like our contributors, editors are book leaders who are ready to encourage writers.

Editors work with an exclusive group of fellow editors to offer line edits, and copy-edits are articles shared on the site. They may work with a fellow contributor on developmental notes to enhance their article, which may need strengthening the layout. Others will offer line-editing and copy-editing notes.

In return, our exclusive team of editors gets exclusive access to new books. Editors also get access to share the article they’ve edited on the HeyitsCarlyRae Book Club FB group while connecting daily on the Contributor Geneva group. You can share your latest posts, chat about books you love (or didn’t), share your opinions about book boxes, and more!

Editors also get access to monthly zoom retreats where they get the chance to chat with bestselling authors from every genre and publishing house editors.

Each month HeyitsCarlyRae selects one editor to be spotlighted on her website, which has over 300K monthly page views. Here the influencer gets interviewed by HeyitsCarlyRae and has the chance to be spotlighted by her audience.

Simply fill out the application!

To continually be an editor and gain access to the contributor community, an editor must edit at least five articles a month. They must also do two static posts tagging HeyitsCarlyRae and HeyitsCarlyRae Book Club, along with two story posts on whatever platform they use to apply.

Depends! We get hundreds (sometimes thousands) of applications monthly to join the editing team. We make sure we read each and every application. Editors and Contributors are book leaders, so we always strive to see who has a strong presence that conveys their love of reading. If you don’t get accepted in one month, we encourage you to reapply!

Who cares! We don’t look at how many followers you have. We look at the passion you have for reading!

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