Furry Nails… Would you rock this look?!

Okay so I first saw this trend on my instagram feed on a nail account I follow, and I have to say I watched the video like 10 times.
Nails2 Furry-nails-nail-art-for-fun-1
I couldn’t believe there was actually a thing as fuzzy nails. I mean what if I wanted to eat something but my fuzzy nails got in the way. I started thinking of this nail trend…pros and cons, and decided the cons really outdid any pro that I had.
I admit that in a photo I thought it was cute at first until I actually realized it was furry. I have different furry nails below each one I love, but I don’t know if I can bring myself to try this trend… WHAT DO YOU THINK… COMMENT & TELL ME what you think of this trend… Would YOU Try IT?!

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