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Forever, Interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid Book Review is here. I received Forever, Interrupted from the HeyitsCarlyRae’s library for my August pick! I have enjoyed every  Taylor Jenkins Reid book I have read so far, which is why I automatically selected this one. After reading the synopsis on the back, I realized it was going to be a somber book. I kept putting off reading it because I was not ready for the sadness that came with it!


Elsie is in a pizza shop on New Year’s Day where she meets Ben. Elsie and Ben have an immediate connection, and they agree to wait five weeks to make their relationship “official.” The day before the five weeks is up, Ben tells Elsie he loves her. A few months later, they move in together. A month after that, they marry.

Then, tragedy strikes and Ben dies after only being married for 10 days. He was riding his bike to the store to get Elsie fruity pebbles when he was hit by a vehicle and killed on impact. This comes as a shock to everyone in his family. The biggest shock is that his mother, Susan, didn’t even know he was in a relationship, let alone married.

Elsie is broken. She feels nothing but grief and can barely get out of bed. She has no joy and  only feels heartache. She is not accepted by her mother-in-law and struggles to maintain friendships. After a few months, Susan reaches out to Elsie and tries to make amends. Susan is also a widow, and has now lost her only child. She is no stranger to grief.  Susan helps bring Elsie out of a dark dark place, and together they try to move forward. 

Elsie explains to Susan that Ben didn’t want to tell her about Elsie because he was afraid it would be hard on his mom. He loved Susan so much, and didn’t want to rub his beautiful love story with his wife into her face when she had lost so much. 

Forever, Interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Genre: Domestic Fiction/ Romance

Forever, Interrupted tells the story of Elsie Porter and Ben Ross. Elsie meets Ben. They fall in love, hard. Elope. Then Ben gets killed in an accident, leaving Elsie to pick up the pieces and figure out what life is left for her.

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HeyitsCarlyRae Contributor with Forever, Interrupted
HeyitsCarlyRae Contributor Chandler with Forever, Interrupted!

This was a very sad book. As a science teacher, I really related to the analogy of a supernova.  A supernova is when a star explodes so catastrophically and ejects so much energy, but has a limited lifetime. That was what Elsie and Ben had: a supernova romance. 

This was Reid’s first book, and I enjoyed the way it was written. The point of view change from past to present was so smooth and easy to follow. I loved how everything in the present was explained in the past, and so much of it was relatable. The most relatable part of this book was when Elsie and Ben had an argument in a restaurant, and Elsie stormed out. Once she got outside she realized that she had overreacted, and it was too late to really do anything about it. She couldn’t go back in, but she knew she was wrong. We have all been there! 

I rate this book three-and-a-half stars. For me, reading is usually an escape. This book did not feel like an escape, but a pit of sadness. As a mom, I thought of losing my sons, and as a wife, I thought  about losing my husband. This book left me feeling empty and depressed, which was a different type of book hangover than I am used to. I am also not a fan of the “insta-love” trope, so meeting, dating and getting married within six months definitely felt very fast.

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Drop a comment below! But I will say if you enjoy books that pull at your heart strings, this is the book for you. What is the last book you read that tore out your heart?

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