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For the Love of the Bard by Jessica Martin Book Review is here. What is your favorite romance trope? Mine will always be fake dating with enemies to lovers being a close second. When I saw For the Love of the Bard in Carly-Rae’s library, I wasn’t sure if I should pick it as my book to review. I haven’t read a great deal of second chance romance before, and the idea of small-town romances made me think of Hallmark movies. I was honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. 


For the Love of the Bard is the story of literary agent and writer Miranda Barnes. She returns to her hometown to focus on writing the next novel in her popular young adult series. Her Shakespeare-obsessed town of Bard’s Rest hosts an annual festival to honor the Bard. But this year is different. Miranda’s mother is in charge and enlists Miranda’s help to make the festival’s centennial the best yet. Miranda also tries to avoid Adam. The handsome veterinarian who left her heart broken on prom night. Miranda’s summer of writing quickly turns into the summer of constantly helping others with a side of love.


This story has almost all of the elements people (or just I) love in a romance. It has witty banter, laugh-out-loud moments, steamy scenes, lovable characters, and an ending that will make you want to hug the book. Like most romances, it does a fantastic job building up the chemistry between Miranda and Adam. While also leaving open the possibility that they may not get together. The author doesn’t shy away from reminding the reader why Adam and Miranda couldn’t work, making the story seem more plausible than fantasy.

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The town of Bard’s Rest sounds dreamy and is very well-detailed. Even though I haven’t read lots of Shakespeare, I found myself wanting to visit this small town and all of the stores described in the story. There were several secondary characters mentioned in the story. But it never felt overwhelming, and each person was memorable in their own way. 

This story isn’t all romance. It is also a story of Miranda’s quirky and lovable family. When she finds out her mother has a possible health issue, Miranda and her two sisters band together to make sure her mother takes the time to take care of herself. Even when her mother chooses to be stubborn. She takes the time to mention how stubborn her daughters are and is glad she raised such strong women. I enjoyed how Miranda’s sisters, and even her dad, brought their own personalities to the story and added to it.

I would highly recommend For the Love of the Bard for people who love Shakespeare, quirky families, small-town romance, witty characters, and most importantly, second-chance romances. 

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