Fall Nails on Fleek

So I decided to get my nails done four weeks after my ear surgery. My sisters were getting their acrylic nails, but I decided since I usually take my acrylic nails off within a week that I didn’t want to go through that hassle. Especially since it was so close to my surgery.
I decided to get gel nails. The last time I got them done (not that the same nail salon) it burned so bad that by the time I drove home I had to remove the gel polish off my nails. They did ten coats of glitter polish and it was so thick and hurt so bad.
I decided to go for it this at this new salon and I was surprised to find out that it didn’t hurt at all! I got the nail designs on the gel and it’s so shiny that everyone keeps asking if it is really my nails!
But yes they are my real nails just with gel polish over them. I have to say these are my new favorite nail designs I’ve ever had. They haven’t chipped at all and they feel natural so I can still do everything I always do! After getting my gel nails done (the right way) I have decided that I love the gel nails!
What do you think of my fall gel nails?!

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