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I have recently seen reels promoting books on Kindle Unlimited (KU). Just like my physical TBR list, my Kindle Unlimited bookshelf is forever expanding. Melanie Harlow has a series on KU featuring the boys of Bellamy Creek. The first book in this series, Drive Me Wild, follows the story of Blair and Griffin. 

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Blair Beaufort is drawn to the town of Bellamy Creek with promises of the best apple pie and a fresh start in life. When she blows her tire and ends up swerving off the road, she literally runs into Griffin Dempsey. Escaping her old life isn’t going the way she thought it would. She wasn’t expecting someone like Griffin to come along and shake up her plan for independence.

Griffin senses she’s trouble from the minute he catches her, and swears to keep his hands and heart to himself. Blair has nowhere to go, so he reluctantly allows her to temporarily stay with him. He hopes that the rules he set in place to protect his heart will remain intact. 

But the more they’re around each other, the harder it is for them to deny the spark that seems to be growing.

Drive Me Wild by Melanie Harlow

Genre: Fiction/ Erotic Romance

Blair crashes into Griffin’s life and throws a wrench into his plans. Over time, she shows him he isn’t better off alone. Blair is fighting to get closer while Griffin tries to push her away. Their story is one of learning to let people and love in, especially when you least expect them.

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Drive Me Wild by Melanie Harlow was the October pick for my book club. I was captivated by the title and cover alone. I flew through this book, as it was a quick, fast-paced read with an easy to follow storyline. The characters were likable and relatable. This book was told from the perspectives of both the main characters, which helped me gain more insight into their dynamic.

Natalie with Drive me wild
Contributor Natalie with Drive Me Wild!

Blair was quirky and fun, while still having a naivety about her. Sometimes when characters are written as privileged, they can come across as dumb. I appreciated how Harlow wrote Blair as a complex human who wasn’t just a product of her upbringing. Instead of being stuck up and fake, she was a three-dimensional character who sought to prove that she could be more than what others assumed. She was refreshing and I love how she learned to put herself first.

Griffin tried to be a tough guy who was anti-feelings, but underneath it all he was a true softie. His reasons for putting up his walls, and the personal rules were heartbreaking and made me feel for him. His internal struggle of wanting and not wanting Blair was mostly understandable, but sometimes I wanted to reach through the book and yell at him. What he went through really traumatized him. He never gave himself a chance to heal and want more for himself. He was always so fixed on the feeling that he was better off alone, at least until Blair. She came barreling into his life, challenging him to open his eyes to the endless possibilities he could have if he let his guard down.

While I do enjoy the cute cheesiness romance novels often have, some of the dialogue in this book was a bit cringey. I also felt that the conflict between Blair and Griffin both dragged on for too long and resolved too quickly.  The storyline is something I naturally gravitate toward, and while the author did a solid job with her writing, the story felt like it could have had more added to it. The reasons why Blair was escaping in the first place were barely explored, and I would have loved for Blair to have an in-your-face moment with her mother. 

This is a personal opinion, but I would have preferred more of a build up with their chemistry. They got together too quickly and, even during the intimate scenes, they were a tad too brief.

Despite that, the story was cute and I am really intrigued enough to read the rest of this series. I feel that Harlow’s writing style is easy to follow and flows naturally. If you liked this review, make sure to check out her other books currently available on Kindle Unlimited.

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