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Contributor Kelsey H

Dog Friendly by Victoria Schade Book Review.

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One look at the cover, and I knew this was a must-read for me! Dogs, vacations, and love stories are a few of my favorite things. 


After grueling hours, expectations, and feeling under-appreciated, Morgan Pearce needs a break from her veterinarian career. When one of her clients offers her a dog-sitting job at their beach vacation home, Morgan decides this is the breather she needs. 

Soon after arriving in Nantucket, Morgan is persuaded to train and foster an anxious dog, as well as help a local rescue raise funds. 

It doesn’t take long for Morgan to fall for an attractive entrepreneur, Nathan Keating. Between working with a few dogs she loves, dates with Nathan, learning to surf, and reconnecting with her brother, Morgan starts to feel the refresher she needed. 

But a realization causes her to question everything. Morgan must choose to forgive past mistakes or forget the new magical connection she has made. 

Dog Friendly by Victoria Schade

Genre: Women’s Fiction/ Romance

Morgan Pearce has dedicated her life to caring for animals as a veterinarian. When her mental health starts to suffer, she takes a vacation to Nantucket, where she meets Nathan. 

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Lead Contributor Kelsey with Dog Friendly.

I have never read a book so focused on dogs. I loved every dog in this book and wanted to pet them all! I liked how Victoria Schade incorporated many different breeds and unique dog personalities into this story. 

I immediately adored Morgan. She not only dedicated her time to these animals but was fully emotionally connected to them. It’s easy to understand how much she loved the animals by how hard it was for her to deal with the struggles that come with the career. 

I enjoyed reading about the progress she made with her foster dog, Hudson. I appreciated the awareness it brought to rescue pups and the importance of training. 

Schade also brought great awareness to the mental health issues of veterinarians. I did not know the unique challenges they faced before reading this book, and have an even higher appreciation for the vets of the world. 

My only issue and reason for my three-and-a-half-star rating is that I simply couldn’t connect with Nathan. It took me until the final chapters to feel like I knew his character. 

There is a bit of an unexpected twist in the final chapters. Toward the end, we learned more about Nathan, and I started to understand his character more. I loved the way this book was wrapped up and found the ending captivating and sweet. 

Dog Friendly is a great choice for all fur-loving people. This is a perfect pick to read while snuggling with your own furry best friend. Tell me in the comments, do you have a fluffy reading partner?

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Lead Contributor Jessica with Dog Friendly.

Jessica R.

I’m a self-proclaimed “dog person” with two pups of my own. When I opened the pages of Dog Friendly, I was searching for the same type of joy that my own dogs give me–and this book delivered. Morgan’s veterinarian career burnout was tangible. I’ve definitely experienced similar feelings before in my own job. That shared sense of career pain combined with her veterinarian’s heart for animals made me instantly love and root for Morgan.

For the most part, Dog Friendly was a warm hug of a book. I loved reading about Morgan’s time with Bernadette, her dog-sitting charge, as well as her efforts to rehab her foster dog, Hudson. Despite these heart-warming moments, though, I do feel the book strayed a little too far into dog-training / behavior instruction manual territory a few too many times. Those moments, though showcasing the author’s animal knowledge, slowed down the story for me a bit. I also thought our main male character, Nathan, was a bit odd. I generally liked him, but his consistent physical distance from Morgan and poor communication made him a bit more difficult to root for.

I also enjoyed the dynamics of the small-town island community and Nathan’s rather weird job as a fruit beverage aficionado. I thought both elements brought a lot of color and joy to book’s pages.

Overall, I adored Morgan and all the dogs in Dog Friendly, and the story pacing was very good, making it a quick and fun read. I recommend this one to dog lovers everywhere!

Lead Contributor Lindsey with Some of It Was Real.

Lindsey S.

Summer romance novels are not my typical go-to, but Dog Friendly was a refreshing read coming off of spooky-season thrillers. The author did such a beautiful job describing Nantucket that I wanted to pack my bags, hop onto a ferry, and dig my toes into the warm sand. 

I loved that Schade put into words the physical and mental exhaustion a job can create, even when it’s one you love. Morgan was a well-crafted character with a heart of gold who just needed a break. She reminded me a lot of my friends who are nurses and the toll the job has taken on them the last couple of years. Seeing Morgan give herself permission to heal was both encouraging and important. 

I thought this was going to be a predictable romance novel, but there were a few unique twists and turns that kept it fresh. This was a book I wanted to pick up and spend quality time with. My only “issue” with it, and it’s not a very big one, is that aside from Morgan, I didn’t really connect with any of the other characters. I thought Nathan was fine, and toward the end, we get a bit of his backstory, but I would have liked to see this a little earlier. The same goes for Morgan’s brother, Mack. Schade poured a lot of love and attention into Morgan and even some of the island’s residents, but major players got overlooked. 

That aside, I really enjoyed this book. It was a bit of a hard read as I recently lost my dog, but all of the pups within the pages were a gentle reminder of how great dogs are.

Lead Contributor Vinsci with Dog Friendly.

Vinsci F.

Upon seeing the cover, I was expecting a heartwarming and sweet story of falling in love with the two dogs on the cover, but this book offered more. Dog Friendly tugged at my heart, and Morgan’s story was so relatable. 

Morgan is a very good veterinarian. She is very passionate about her job, but she reached the point in her career where the number of patients being seen and Yelp reviews becomes more important than establishing a relationship with patients. The way the author relayed how healthcare workers get burned out with the number of patients, the responsibilities placed on our shoulders, unrealistic expectations, and how some patients degrade our ability to heal and diagnose because Google MD recommends a different approach made me feel seen and heard. Reading the author’s description of Nantucket made me want to pack my bags and enjoy a much-needed break as well. Her writing made me love the scenery, especially the waves, the community, and the mouth-watering food. I felt I traveled without moving my feet. 

The summer romance between Morgan and Nathan was cute and sweet. Nathan was too good to be true. Although a glimpse of his back story was told in the end, I  needed to know more about him. I think that is why I only gave this book four stars. I loved the story and the wonderful dogs like Bernadette and Hudson. I liked reading about how their characters grew and improved. I wish I was able to connect more with the main characters. Morgan was beautiful and kind-hearted, but she was still a work in progress. Part of me wanted to read more about her growth, especially when she goes back to reality, and how her relationship with her brother Mack turned out. Although the ending was predictable, I liked the plot twist and the “just like the movies” romantic ending, especially in regard to the ferry scene. 

This is one of the books I will reread, especially when work overwhelms me. This is a  good book to read next to your furry friend or fur baby.

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