Center Stage: On Pointe

I admit I have a weakness when it comes to dance movies. I love all dance movies and every time there is a new dance movie released, I’m the first in line to buy it!
I was so excited to hear about Center Stage returning for movie number 3! I have the first two on DVD and was even more excited when I saw the return of the characters from the first two.
[youtube=] The dance numbers didn’t disappointed either in this movie! The modern ballet was a nice twist and complimented tie-ins with the first two movies. Kenny Wormald did an amazing job on his performance and I was surprised by how amazing his solo number looked that he put together. It was definitely a nontraditional twist in the franchise of Center Stage, but I like the twist they added. Plus, we had the return of Cooper, Jonathan, and more!
Doing something different in each movie proves that adding another movie in their franchise isn’t out of the question. Its refreshing seeing movie that is on television with good story line! So props to lifetime for stepping that up!
I ‘m a huge Center Stage fan and definitely recommend this movie. I know it came on Lifetime and I’m hoping it comes out on DVD soon!
Have you seen this installment in the Center Stage franchise? Comment below what you think!

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