Good Morning!

Good morning everyone!
Today is Monday and I’m beating those Monday morning blues by doing some fitness exercises to kickstart my week off! I’m wearing one of my favorite Keys, Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go Gkey! I had to add a touch of sparkle to my workout look and this Gkey was perfect!
I always love sparkle and believe leaving a little of your happiness behind wherever you go, can change someone’s day! So smile at someone you know or don’t, give a compliment to someone, you never know what their going through this week. Doing something so small could change the way they view their week!
So today when you wear your Gkey Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go! Pair it with your fitness outfit and add more motivation to your day for others to share! Jumpstart Monday with your favorite fitness exercise, you will change the way you feel this week! Spread your happiness and sparkle to everyone!
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How are you starting Monday off?!

Yoga Mood

It’s Sunday so it’s time to take a moment just to yourself have just silence.
Some days I love doing yoga for a half hour and just having silence outside and just enjoy listening to nature while I do yoga. It relaxes me and lets me refocus my energy instead of trying to do a million things at once.
At first I had a hard time doing the yoga poses, but as I’ve gotten the hang on it I’ve had an easy time to focus my ‘zen’ energy!
I absolutely love doing yoga in my Brazil Wear outfits. It’s the only place I get my yoga wear because it’s affordable and it’s comfortable. I love all the latest patterns and I love how I can also just put an oversized shirt over it when I go to run errands and still look trendy.
Their yoga wear fits true to size, which I love because I’m definitely not a fan of brands that either fit way to small or way to big. Just enjoy being the size you are is my motto!
So I would definitely recommend checking-out you can even use my PROMO CODE  HeyitsCarlyRae at check-out to save more off your purchase!
I can’t wait until you see my next Brazil Wear outfit! What do you think of this one?
Do your enjoy doing yoga in your day?

Ab Workout: Kayla Itsines Edition

So I’m came across Kayla Itsines fitness on my Facebook page. Someone had shared her ab workout and I was curious and watched the video. Lately I’ve been searching trying to find the most effective ab workout exercises… which just wait another month I will be launching a fitness video with my Top 5 Most Effect ab workout exercises!

But I watched her video and I hadn’t seen the exercises she was featuring. I was curious to see if I would be sore trying these exercises or how effective they actually are.
Well tonight I’m giving the video a try and doing 4 cycles of 15 on each exercise. So we will see how sore or how effective the exercises are! Right now I just got done with plank exercises I can’t wait to share with you all that really do work!
Have you heard of Kayla Itsines?! Have you tried these fitness videos?

Hold the World Within the Palm of Your Hand…

When you hold the world in the palm of your hand… that’s what I titled this yoga pose I did in my sunset yoga class.
It’s almost summer and I know everyone is joining and trying every fitness plan in the book to get in bikini ready shape. But the point of fitness, in my opinion, is to enjoy what you do. Try different exercises everyday, or different yoga poses. I think it’s best when you mix it up and try something new.
You muscles have muscle memory and doing the same workout everyday gets boring and it starts to lose the same effect on your body. I’ve tried doing different yoga poses lately and I’ve noticed I’ve now been sore. Before doing the same ones every single day I started to lose that soreness and results.
So I’d recommend doing different yoga poses throughout the week and then repeating that!
What’s your favorite fitness activity?!

Leapin’ Into Leap Day!

Today is Leap Day and what better way to ‘Leap into’ the Leap Year than with a fun moment in yoga class! 🙂
The weather was perfect today and I couldn’t wait to celebrate leap day that only comes around every 4 years today. I decided to just take a ‘leap of faith’ in to the year and see what life has in store for me. I can’t wait to see what the year brings.
So close your eyes and jump or ‘leap’ and let’s get started into leap year!

My Healthy Snack Suggestions

Okay so bikini season is literally right around the corner. It seems like each day I wake up it’s creeping up closer and closer.
That means it’s frenzy time to pick out the best bikinis for those beach vacations, and to jumpstart that bikini ready body!
Over the past few weeks I have been trying to determine what foods would jumpstart my metabolism and be a healthier choice. I know the celebrity diets are either way to extreme or really aren’t true because I’ve never found them to work.
I definitely always eat breakfast. I go for fruit or cereal sometimes even yogurt in the morning. I always eat a lighter lunch, usually a ‘continental’ style is what my friends call it. Then I always eat a larger dinner. I snack throughout the day on fruit and definitely always POPCORN! That’s definitely a weakness and I can tell you at the grocery store now they have to many different popcorn selections!
For dinner I always eat something from every food group and never forget dessert! Usually it’s chocolate chip cookies and milk!
So to get bikini ready I suggest to definitely not stress! Don’t worry about losing weight or anything and definitely don’t starve yourself!
Moderate what you eat and eat a healthy diet! That’s what I’m doing to get in bikini ready season!
WHAT ARE YOU FOOD SUGGESTIONS?! What’s WORKED FOR YOU?! Some of mine are below!
1. Scrambled Eggs
2. Fruit(Apples, Bananas, Oranges, pineapple, etc).
3. Granola
4. Yogurt