The latest movie I have watched that I’m reviewing is called Breaking Legs. This movie is for the tween to teen audience and is a dance centered movie. The movie itself focuses on Bloom played by Liv Southard, and her moving to a new town and living with herContinue Reading

So I just saw the La La Land trailer the other day on Facebook and I have to say it looks like one of the best movies of the year! I can’t wait to go and see this movie, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling pair perfect on the big screen.Continue Reading

Star War fans are you ready for yet another Star Wars movie. Granted this movie doesn’t have the original cast and definitely doesn’t pick up where the previous one left off. But how can you not love a Star Wars movie. Let’s hope this movie lives up to the highContinue Reading

So I remember exactly where I was and exactly what I was doing the night Gilmore Girls first premiered years ago. It was one of those shows that became a ritual to watch with my sisters and mom. It’s one of those shows that you fall in love with asContinue Reading

So I was going my Facebook feed the other night and I came across an article listing all the new movies coming to Netflix in the next few weeks. I decided to click it and go through all the new movies being added and I have to say I wasContinue Reading