About Me

Hey Beautiful’s, it’s Carly-Rae
coco g key 1
Thanks so much for following my blog I am so excited you have! If you don’t know me, you might recognize my necklaces. I am the Designer of what is known as Keys. I designed Keys for you to remember to unlock your inner strength and that life is a journey and only you hold the key.
Each GKey is different because we are all different and each one is handprinted, so find your key! It’s amazing how many different key designs there are and I love seeing each unique necklace go to someone special!
My blog is a behind-the-scenes look of things I love and I expanded to have a Dear Diary section. On that section I talk about what happens in my day to day life and the struggles and the happiness of a business. I also talk about my fitness routines, favorite movies, new nail designs I love, and more! Be sure to write-in and tell me what GKey design you would love to see or what you would like me to feature!
You can also get social with me and follow me on Instagram (HeyitsCarlyRae), Twitter, (HeyitsCarlyRae1) or Facebook (HeyitsCarlyRae).